Centravel Inc.: Savings and peace of mind

Centravel Inc., a retail travel agency, has over 60 offices across the United States requiring the ability to own and operate many phone numbers and phone lines. When Centravel’s Sal Martinez needed to find a more cost effective way of operating all of these remote offices, he turned to Flowroute’s cost effective SIP trunking service.


Cut costs by paying for what you use

Four years ago, Sal noticed that his local analog carriers were raising rates on individual lines, forcing him to pay for unused capacity each month. Because travel is a tight margin industry, Sal started shopping around for VoIP solutions as a way to cut costs. With Flowroute, he found a rate structure that worked for him, one where he only paid for inbound minutes used, and a reasonable monthly fee for each phone number ported. “I liked the pricing model of Flowroute best.” Sal says, “We saw savings right away, 70-80% in some locations.”

A SIP trunking solution for remote offices

Initially Sal tried out Flowroute and the VoIP set up on the corporate offices in Los Angeles and ten test offices. After six months, Sal realized Flowroute SIP trunking would easily scale across the organization. Centravel operates over 60 offices across the nation (approximately 162 phone sets), and Sal has all of his offices connected to the same Cudatel 670B system remotely. Centravel also runs its LA-based call center on the same system, and Sal says “Everything has been smooth.”

A long term partner in business

Centravel has been using Flowroute SIP trunking service for four years, and according to Sal, “Flowroute has been getting better and better every year.” Sal continues to port new numbers to Flowroute, and found getting started with Flowroute to be a piece of cake. “Setup has always been easy. And now that Flowroute is certified with Cudatel, it is even better.” Flowroute support has been key to Centravel’s success as well, with Sal saying, “Support is great. Email response times are super quick.” Flowroute has been able to serve Centravel across all of their office locations to offer great savings and the peace of mind of knowing their phones will always work.

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