Flowroute APIs Make it Easy to Integrate to Phone Billing and Other Systems

Ascension Technologies chose Flowroute for its overall ease-of-use and the wide selection of phone numbers they could gain access to.

Headquartered in Daphne, Alabama, Ascension Technologies provides cost-effective, feature-rich nationwide VoIP services.

Ascension also delivers custom-designed IVR systems that automate customer interactions. Their clients include end users who need reliable, cost-effective telephone services as well as IT Service providers who resell VoIP telephone service to their clients.


Ascension Technologies started more than 8 years ago and were focused on a small geographic area. Since they help other providers with their cloud services, they needed to be able to expand into a broader coverage area. The inability to provide their resellers with a wide selection of phone numbers for their clients was holding them back.

Ascension Technologies knew that in order to grow their business they would have to partner with a company whose technology could enable them to do more with less. For Ascension, that translated into finding a partner with easy-to-use technology that could integrate well into multiple systems.

Business Situation – Expansion into New Geographies Calls for Larger Expansion of Numbers and Capacity, Ease-of-Use, and More Features

Ascension Technologies had its genesis in the software world. Their team is technically diverse, and each member has more than 15 years of industry experience.

The carrier they started with more than 8 years ago had a limited selection of numbers which was holding the company back from expanding into new geographies. Ascension was looking for more capacity and needed a partner with a wider selection of numbers and more features such as SMS/MMS and ease of management.

Ascension decided to look for an alternative provider who could support their plans for growth. They were also looking for an easy-to-use provider that could integrate to phone billing and other systems. Their approach was to try out several providers and go with the one who could best meet their needs.

The Solution: Flowroute’s Easy-to-Integrate API that Delivers a Rich Feature Set to their Customers

Flowroute won out over its competitors. The main reasons Ascension Technologies chose Flowroute were overall ease-of-use and the wide selection of phone numbers they could gain access to with Flowroute.

Ascension Technologies believes that technology shouldn’t be hard to decipher and should integrate and support any business environment. They have easily integrated Flowroute’s powerful API in their applications to deliver a rich feature set to their customers.

“Flowroute has allowed us to grow our business strategically. We can now provision new numbers on-the-fly, and we’ve been able to expand our service area due to the wide selection of numbers Flowroute can deliver.”

– John Hill, CEO Ascension Technologies

Their customers are looking for carriers that are versatile and feature rich, which is something you don’t find with traditional carriers – this was another plus for choosing Flowroute as their provider of choice.


  • Network Reach – Flowroute’s superior quality and patented HyperNetworkTM available in more than 160 countries around the world allows companies to select telephone numbers that are optimal for their business and rapidly extend the reach of their network.
  • Seamless Service – Ascension’s customers have access to unlimited scalability and the capacity to handle call volume fluctuations with no impact to quality of service.
  • Effortless Provisioning – Developers can scale offerings when building on top of an API or port, and route phone numbers within seconds right from the Flowroute Customer Portal.
  • Competitive Pricing – Customers gain the benefits and convenience of Flowroute’s broad coverage and affordable pricing without incurring network expansion costs.

The Result – Flexibility, Easy Integration, Expansion into New Markets, and a High Level of Customer Support

Ascension Technologies chose Flowroute and it has given them the flexibility they needed to grow strategically.

Flowroute enabled Ascension to go from a limited territory within one state 5 years ago, to supporting clients across 8 states today.

It’s not unusual for Ascension to port hundreds of numbers at a time. This wouldn’t have been feasible for them prior to using Flowroute.

The Ascension team can use the Flowroute APIs to integrate to core payment, configuration control and support for their clients. This easy ability to integrate allows the Ascension team to stay lean and agile.

Ascension has also been thrilled with the level and quality of support they get from the Flowroute Customer Success Team. They remember the frustration of submitting a ticket and talking to multiple people over multiple days and weeks to get a resolution prior to Flowroute.

“The Flowroute team has been great to work with. It’s so nice to quickly get solid help and to be able to talk to someone in customer service on your level without getting routed around to five people first, and the entire team at Flowroute seems dedicated to your service needs,” said John Hill, CEO Ascension Technologies.

About BCM One

Founded in 1992, BCM One is the leading NextGen Communications and Managed Services provider. Serving over 18,000 customers worldwide and 5,000+ channel partners, BCM One offers a variety of solutions supporting businesses’ critical network infrastructure including: UCaaS/Hosted Voice, SIP Trunking, Managed SD-WAN, Microsoft Teams, Technology Expense Optimization and Global Managed Connectivity solutions. BCM One prides itself on its long-standing client relationships backed by their mission statement, “To Provide a World-Class Experience with Every Human Interaction.” To learn more about BCM One, visit www.bcmone.com.

About Flowroute

Flowroute is a cloud-based communications platform that enables communication service providers, value-added resellers and enterprises to quickly and easily migrate premise-based communication systems to voice over internet protocol (VoIP). By providing businesses with programmatic access to communications infrastructure services, Flowroute removes the complexity of introducing new communications solutions to market. The patented nationwide Flowroute HyperNetwork™ delivers leading carrier-quality calling and messaging services with unparalleled reliability, reach and simplicity. For more information, please visit www.flowroute.com.

About Ascension Technologies

Ascension Technologies is an experienced, wide-focus, and dynamic technology company.  Ascension’s owners and senior staff each have at least 15+ years in the Information Technology industry.  We are focused and committed to providing solutions that work for today’s modern business.

At Ascension, we believe that technology should not be difficult to decipher and that it should easily integrate into any business environment. Our expert team can develop solutions for any technology need and every budget. Visit them at www.asctech.net.

If you are looking for a broad range of numbers, flexibility, scalability, easy-to-integrate APIs, and superior reliability and support, Contact Flowroute.

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