Flowroute Helps Zisson’s Customers Connect to the World

Zisson chose the Flowroute ‘network of networks’ to provide affordable and broad-reaching international cloud-based and toll-free numbers across the globe.

The Situation – Rapid International Expansion

Zisson provides cloud-based communication center software in the growing $11 billion Contact Center as a Solution (CCaaS) market. Verdane Capital acquired Zisson in September 2018 with the goal of rapid international expansion.

The Company needed a white label solution for hosting phone numbers that would provide significant savings and operational simplicity.

Business Needs – Cost Savings, Simplicity and the Best Customer Experience

Customer expectations for contact centers grow bigger each day. The Zisson Contact Center as a Solution (CCaaS) needed to easily adapt to the evolving needs of their customers.

Zisson was looking for cost savings and operational simplicity that would deliver the best possible customer experience. Since Zisson is a global provider of on-demand call center solutions, their customers include call centers, contact center operations of large organizations, and companies that provide outsourced call center services.

Zisson helps their customers build new call centers or extend their existing call center. They needed low investment costs, fast and easy implementation, and a commitment to near real-time support.

The Solution – Quick and Easy TNS with Unlimited Scalability and Reliability

Zisson customers are leveraging the Flowroute suite of cloud-based toll-free and local numbers to quickly and easily provision telephone numbers.

Through Flowroute, Zisson customers also have access to unlimited scalability on-demand, as well as the dynamic capacity of the Flowroute network of networks. This means that whenever an external event causes an influx of calls into a call center, for example, Zisson can offer the scalability and seamless call capacity to handle the additional bandwidth coming in.

Zisson can use these features to allow their customers to easily accommodate an increased volume of calls with no impact to the quality of service.

“We are thrilled with the HyperNetwork™, Flowroute’s software-centric carrier capabilities that deliver the largest availability of international, cloud-based, local and toll-free inbound telephone numbers,” said Morten Engen, CTO, Zisson. “We are even more thrilled with the Flowroute team. They respond almost immediately whenever we need support. They truly act as an extension of our business. The combination of teamwork, commitment to our success and collaboration tools, have exceeded our high expectations.”

Additionally, Flowroute enables Zisson to deliver access to and control over telephony resources and ensure simplicity of operations through a rich set of APIs and a web portal for service ordering, number porting and service management.

Flowroute makes provisioning numbers easy to do within a few seconds. And, unlike a reseller aggregating coverage across other carrier networks, Flowroute provides control over phone numbers and porting, and access to raw signaling and messaging.

The Results:

IP-based telephony from Flowroute allows the Zisson Contact Center as a Solution to make real-time call routing adjustments that adhere to agent availability and other predefined rules.

Flowroute has over 14,500 on-net rate centers, 19,500 phone number rate centers and 200+ international countries to deliver extensive reach around the world. This means we can offer competitive rates due to the combination of our volume and solutions.

“We are confident we can scale our business with partners like Flowroute on our team.”

– Morten Engen, CTO, Zisson

The Benefits:

  • Global Network – Flowroute’s superior quality and patented HyperNetwork available in more than 160 countries around the world allows companies to select telephone numbers that are optimal for their business and rapidly extend the reach of their network.
  • Seamless Service – International customers have access to unlimited scalability and the capacity to handle call volume fluctuations with no impact to quality of service.
  • Effortless Provisioning – Developers can scale offerings when building on top of an API or port, and route phone numbers within seconds right from the Flowroute Customer Portal.
  • Competitive Pricing – Customers gain the benefits and convenience of Flowroute’s broad coverage and affordable pricing without incurring network expansion costs.

Flowroute offers the broadest coverage of cloud-based, local and toll-free numbers of any carrier. In fact, Flowroute provides international local and toll-free inbound numbers in more than 160 countries across the globe.

This was a big advantage for Zisson since they were looking to rapidly expand to other countries. They were also seeking operational simplicity and world-class customer support and were impressed by the stellar reputation of the Flowroute team.

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About Zisson:

Zisson is a Norwegian technology company built by switchboard pioneers connecting telecom operators’ networks and user interfaces for multi-channel customer dialogue. Our solutions are adapted to companies with an ambition to facilitate an efficient customer journey that caters to all types of customers. When we say all, we really mean all. Younger customers prefer to use social media for their dialogue with vendors and suppliers, while others prefer chat solutions, email, SMS or phone. This is part of the customer journey, which for many represents an unrealised potential. Zisson’s solutions are often key to its customers in order to give a positive first impression. www.zisson.no

If you are a Contact Center looking for a broad range of international local and toll-free numbers, and superior reliability and support, Contact Flowroute.

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