Foodler: Reliable SIP trunking for distributed contact centers

Food delivery is a time sensitive business. That’s why Christian Dumontet, CEO and Founder of Foodler, needed a truly reliable SIP trunking provider. Foodler is an app and website that facilitates the speedy and on time delivery of meals from partner restaurants to its customers. When orders show up late, wrong, or not at all, hungry consumers move on to the next delivery service. Christian needed a SIP trunking solution he could count on to keep his remote support agents available to manage real time order updates. That’s why he uses Flowroute.

Distributed call center compatible

Christian manages orders through a distributed call center, with remote CSRs across the United States. He needed a solution that would allow them to connect reliably no matter where they were. Flowroute can be easily integrated into a distributed system and managed locally.

Reliability when it matters most

Reliability is extremely important to a business where every second counts. Foodler’s phone lines can’t be down ever, especially during lunch and dinner rushes. Being available when customers need to make last minute changes is vital, and reliable phone service is the foundation of responsiveness. Christian says, “Flowroute just works. On our end, it requires no maintenance.”

Voice quality as a customer service tool

According to Christian, customer service experience is both a reflection of the brand, and an opportunity to build relationships, so call quality needs to reflect that your business takes it seriously. Any direct interaction with customers is a chance to impress. “Flowroute helps us shine in front of our customers when we need it most.”

SIP trunking that supports business

For anyone managing calls with a distributed call center, reliability and voice quality are vital. Christian has found that with Flowroute, saying “You can always count on Flowroute SIP trunking to make you look good.”

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