Impiger Technologies: Dialing the Future of Communications

When looking for a communications provider for their cloud-based contact center solution, Intelligent SalesDialers, Impiger Technologies required a voice solution that not only provided high reliability and flexibility but didn’t cost an arm and a leg as they scaled.

Flowroute was the right choice for Impiger because of the way its calling solution is architected to deliver unlimited concurrent call paths, enabling Impiger’s customers to dial out to multiple numbers at any given time. The cost savings was music to Impiger’s ears as well.

Taking Communications to the Cloud

Impiger specializes in is optimizing the sales process for companies of all sizes. Their solutions feature automated IVR capabilities and intelligent dialing targeted towards telemarketers, insurance agents, and real estate agents.

Impiger has consistently seen its customers who utilize their solutions in their workflow experience an 80% improvement in overall employee efficiency. Because Flowroute provides unlimited inbound and outbound concurrent call paths, they were able to increase the lead conversion of Impiger’s Intelligent SalesDialers by 40% – and in turn, improve employee efficiency.

Selling Reliability

For Impiger’s sales products to be effective they needed unmatched reliability from its communications partner. Jude Ramayya, CEO and Founder at Impiger Technologies, said, “We initially moved to Flowroute from Vitelity because it greatly decreased our costs and we liked the level of control the online portal provided us. What we didn’t realize was that the quality of our voice service would also dramatically improve.”

Another benefit of moving over to Flowroute is the amount of industry knowledge that resides amongst their support team. Autodialers can create challenges for carriers if the average length of the calls they are placing does not meet industry standards.

Flowroute’s SIP engineers worked with Kevin Kingsly, Product Manager at Impiger, and his team to build a communications solution that fit their unique use case without compromising industry requirements or the efficiency of their product. “The depth of knowledge that Flowroute’s SIP Engineers had around our customized calling needs was unlike anything I have experienced before. We were able to get up and running with Flowroute within a few days versus weeks without issues.”

Communications in the Cloud

Since making Flowroute the backbone of their voice solutions, Kevin and his team have been able to confidently provide business critical services to their global customer base, “With reliability as our brand, we needed a communications provider that took the quality of service as seriously as we do, we found that in Flowroute.”

To date, Impiger has moved 95 percent of its customer’s campaigns over to the new Flowroute powered auto-dialer. Encouraged by the results, the company is planning to move its other voice-based solutions over to Flowroute. Kevin says the company has big plans to leverage other Flowroute communications services in the future such as SMS, which will allow the company to expand the channels in which its users can engage and interact with their customers.

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