Spectrum Technologies: Selling Cloud Communications

Spectrum Technologies offers fully customized turnkey solutions for office communications. In December of 2013, they added voice over IP to their product portfolio, becoming a certified Fonality provider. Spectrum helps companies convert from analogue PBX systems to integrated VoIP systems. Currently with offices in Texas and New Mexico, Spectrum is planning to expand across the Southern United States. Here’s how intelligent communications from Flowroute are helping to enable Spectrum’s growth and prosperity.

There are many ways to work with SIP trunking providers:

The solutions team at Spectrum sets up clients with VoIP in one of two ways. Depending on the size and specific requirements of the business, they’ll get a hosted solution with Fonality Unified Communications, or an on-prem PBX that connects to the PSTN directly through Flowroute SIP trunks.

It’s your reputation on the line:

As a Solutions Consultant, Mariana Pacheco, is in front-line contact with Spectrum’s customers. She explained that, in the eyes of her clients, she and Spectrum are responsible for the performance of the entire solution, including any partner technology and services they recommend. “We’re really leery of who we partner up with because our customers judge us based on the service that our partner provides.”

Spectrum conducted focus groups to decide that Fonality was the right solution for their clients’ needs, and it was Fonality that pointed Mariana and her team in the direction of SIP trunking over analogue adapters in traditional PBXs. When it came to choosing a provider Mariana took advice from a trusted source, “One of Fonality’s senior engineers highly recommended Flowroute.”

Mariana says Flowroute makes convincing clients to switch to VoIP easy. If a potential customer is using multiple PRIs in multiple locations, she admits, “We tell them we have to introduce them to Flowroute.”

Functionality can add to a winning TCO:

She explained that “When we calculate TCO of the entire system, Flowroute is a huge value add. Not only can we increase productivity, we can save them money.” For Mariana, Flowroute’s contribution to their sales growth goes beyond calculations. “When I tell customers Flowroute gives them unlimited capacity, they look shocked. They ask, ‘Why haven’t I heard of this before?’”

Every relationship needs support:

Mariana trusts Flowroute with her clients. “One of the things that really stuck out to me was the flexibility and the patience and knowledge of Flowroute’s support team. They help make transitions so much smoother, and that keeps our customers happy.”

For anyone looking to convert more customers to a VoIP system, Mariana says it’s important to educate prospects that when combined with a Unified Communications system, SIP trunking is not just a phone service, it’s a communications solution. Her advice is to get the basics right first, “Start with a solid network foundation, and be patient.” And when clients are nervous about the change she tells them that, “Having a provider as savvy as Flowroute, that can guide you through the transition, makes the whole process easy.”

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