USA Contact Point: Unlimited inbound channels keep customers happy

You know what it feels like when you can’t get through to your financial service provider on the phone. You begin to worry, sweat, and question the legitimacy of the business. One feature built in to Flowroute helps avoid all those metaphorical heart attacks.

USA Contact Point provides customer service and other call center services for several financial service and credit monitoring companies. They strive to provide top-notch service by making sure every interaction is a positive experience – because they actually care. Step one to putting smiles on callers’ faces is ensuring every single call is answered.

USA Contact Point currently maintains a bank of over 400 toll-free numbers and 200+ agents. That’s a lot of calls. Unfortunately, not all providers are able to handle such high traffic requirements. And that means some consumers get the busy signal and panic.

With previous SIP trunking providers, USA Contact Point found that, “there were areas that we were not receiving calls from.” Even if a consumer called from an area that would connect, the sheer volume of calls caused a bottleneck. “We could not find a provider that could give us the number of inbound channels we needed,” Explained USA Contact Point.

The team at USA Contact Point discovered that many SIP trunking providers default to 10 channels, or worse, less. And that wasn’t cutting it. Especially since, “We might have 50 or 60 calls going on at any given second. The limited incoming channels caused calls to be dropped. Which made for angry consumers. And that strained our relationships and our reputation.”

Luckily for USA Contact Point, a recommendation would fix everything. An executive was referred to Flowroute by a friend who uses our services for high traffic political campaigns. He explained, “My friend had great things to say about your uptime and routing. And better yet, that Flowroute doesn’t place limits on the number of inbound channels.”

After hearing inbound channels weren’t capped, USA Contact Point ran a trial with Flowroute, starting with 10 phone numbers. Since then, they have ported over almost 400 toll-free numbers, consolidating accounts from a list of providers down to one. “It just made sense,” explained a USA Contact Point rep. “We got great pricing, and Flowroute delivers online management of numbers, which a lot of companies don’t provide. It makes adding and routing numbers pretty quick.” With the ease of Flowroute’s interface, USA Contact Point was able to transition its system to updated servers without needing any support from Flowroute’s engineers.

Since switching to Flowroute, USA Contact Point has seen a dramatic decrease in the number of consumers unable to get through to support. And calls from more areas are able to get through. “Previously, we had a big issue with calls from Puerto Rico not being able to reach us,” Said the exec I talked to. “But with the support of Flowroute, it was discovered that the issue was with Verizon, and Flowroute was able to rectify that.”

The concept of concurrent call requirement, and how many channels a business should have, can be intimidating and, at times, terrifying. Are calls getting dropped? Are consumers not getting through? Are you throwing money away paying for too many channels? These are all very natural concerns that have a very natural solution. As USA Contact Point found out, a lot of stress can be avoided by partnering with a provider that doesn’t limit the number of calls you can receive at once.

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