VoIPster: The power of knowledgable support

Enough is not enough. VoIPster was built on decades of information technology and security expertise. With that kind of background, it’s easy to see the deficiencies in the service support offerings many providers and customers accept as ‘good enough’. Founder, Andrew Mitchell knew his customers deserved more than enough.

Andrew sold his first program when he was six years old. From that point on he’s lived and breathed IT. In 2005, he started working in telecom. And in 2011 he put all of his knowledge and experience into founding VoIPster, a custom telephone systems provider that will actually reward employees if they’re find security vulnerabilities that give them access to customer data.

The company began when Andrew was developing systems for people with physical limitations, like the one he made for a deaf friend that converted inbound phone calls into an instant message. He couldn’t find a company that could provide the backbone to build his technology the way he wanted. So he started his own company with a few racks in a co-location data center and a soft switch and termination point he built.

Now VoIPster has four data centers (including one in London, and one in Romania), and carries 730,000 calls every hour. It’s a success story Andrew attributes to his meticulous attention to detail. (He admitted to me that he has, “a downloaded copy of every RFC that exists.”) And one key focus for his attention early on was choosing a provider he could count on to deliver reliable SIP trunking connections for the solutions he built for VoIPster’s customers.

Throughout his career, Andrew has worked with, a lot of carriers. The issue he had with most of them is that when he needed support, most didn’t understand the technology as well as he did. Which meant that he ended up supporting them, instead of getting the answers he and his customers needed. “I would ask them if they supported T-38, and they would say, ‘What?’”

Research introduced Andrew to Flowroute, and during his trial phase, he put Flowroute’s expertise to the test. “We ran into problems with fax delivery that we couldn’t get resolved ourselves. So I called Flowroute and spoke to the support team. They worked with me for three hours until we tracked down the issue. That wasn’t a level of service I was used to. Normally with other providers, I have to hold their hand.”

Andrew soon began routing all of his traffic through Flowroute, confident that he had found the support he needed. “Reliability of service is a big deal. And Flowroute deserves to be rewarded for the service you provide. But no matter how reliable a service is, at some point, it’s going to have a service-affecting problem. And I need to know that when service isn’t available there are people standing behind it that can fix it efficiently and correctly. Flowroute has proven that that’s exactly what they will do.”

The dedication to resolution Andrew sees in Flowroute’s support engineers allows him to focus on his business – building custom phone systems, and reselling SIP trunking. And when issues ever do arise, he appreciates that, “I can always be assured somebody is going to look into it without automatically assuming it’s an issue on my side.”

Expert service support from Flowroute means Andrew can grow his business without concern for the what ifs of tele-connectivity. And on our side, it means we’ve got a customer we can count on, because as Andrew says, “There’s not another company that does what Flowroute does that’s willing to take the same level of interest in the customer.”

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