Voxter: Expanding into new markets with SIP trunking

Voxter, a North American Unified Communications (UC) provider, knows all too well that offering reliable calling and dependable rates is vital to keeping customers satisfied. Currently working with more than 100 clients who serve 1000’s of users, and with technical and solutions expertise that dates back to 2003, Voxter has long been providing high-quality calling services to its customers. In the beginning, the VoIP market was highly challenged by poor call quality issues due to limited bandwidth and disparate standards, meaning customers could rarely rely on call quality to be consistently high. After seeing these inconsistent standards, Voxter sought to change this by setting higher standards for its own VoIP delivery.

After initially focusing on delivering high call quality, since its founding Voxter has expanded into the UC market, integrating several elements of software and hardware to create custom communication solutions for its customers. In order to do this as it continued expanding into new markets, Voxter needed to find an American SIP provider who could offer what they needed: enhanced control of services, high-quality audio, and responsive customer support.


Voxter was founded in Canada, and two years ago made the decision to expand its operations into the United States. In order to do this, CEO Dayton Turner knew he needed to find an American carrier who could serve him reliably in the United States while also providing him with aggressive pricing. Voxter’s sterling reputation in Canada meant that they had to provide the same quality of service in the U.S. while charging rates comparable to what was currently being offered in Canada.


According to Technical Services Engineer Bryan Cramer, after comparing and testing numerous options, Voxter found Flowroute to be the best fit. Quality and reliability are higher due to Adaptive Call Routing™, which allows calls to re-route around impaired network infrastructure in a matter of minutes versus hours. Voxter also appreciated Flowroute’s award winning support, because they knew that in the event of a technical issue they could access knowledgeable support immediately, quickly getting calls back up and running.

The fact that Flowroute is a certificated carrier was also of value because it enables Voxter to purchase and manage American phone numbers, set routing information, and provision SIP trunks through the same provider, instead of having to manage multiple vendors at once. In addition to all of this, Voxter found the pricing it needed; reliable, high call quality, in combination with excellent support meant that Voxter found Flowroute to be a great fit for all of their requirements.


According to Bryan, setup was fast and easy, and Voxter experienced no downtime in the move to Flowroute. After working with Flowroute for the past two years, he says that Flowroute is one of his lowest maintenance vendors, and he’s never experienced any issues or major problems in the time he’s worked with Flowroute.

Bryan can rest easy knowing that if he ever experiences a rare service issue, support will be positive, and problems will be resolved quickly and easily. Bryan says, “Flowroute has absolutely met my expectations, they are a very strong vendor.” He also appreciates Flowroute’s pricing structure, because it allows him to offer customers consistent rates across the United States and Canada. By working with Flowroute, Voxter is able to keep its customers happy by offering consistent, high-quality call audio and competitive pricing, an unbeatable combination.

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