Flowroute goes global, offering more phone numbers for growing businesses

Flowroute is the first company to offer international local and toll-free inbound numbers (ITL, ITFS) in more than 160 countries across the globe. This is good news for businesses looking to expand their reach, and for developers working with APIs, as they will be able to manage all their phone numbers through one company.

  • “Flowroute support is the best in the market and I have dealt with over 150 SIP providers in the last five years.”

    Andrew Mitchell, President at VoIPster

  • “Flowroute wins on cost, quality, and implementation speed. A great provider of telecommunication solutions.”

    Rick, Corporate Applications Manager

Flowroute’s Local and Toll-Free Cloud Numbers Across the Globe

  • Both Local and Toll-Free Cloud Numbers
  • Local Numbers Only
  • Toll-Free Cloud Numbers Only
  • Termination Only

Expand Your Global Reach with Flowroute

  • Global Network

    Flowroute’s superior quality and patented HyperNetwork are now available in more than 160 countries around the world, allowing companies to select telephone numbers that are optimal for their business and rapidly extend the reach of their network.

  • Effortless Provisioning

    When working within the Flowroute Customer Portal, developers can scale offerings when building on top of an API or port and route phone numbers within seconds.

  • Seamless Service

    International customers now have access to unlimited scalability and the capacity to handle call volume fluctuations with no impact to quality of service.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Even with this growth our rates remain competitive, and customers gain the benefits and convenience of our broad coverage at affordable pricing (without incurring network expansion costs).

Experience the Flowroute Difference

Superior Quality

Flowroute’s direct media delivery approach optimizes the call route ensuring superior audio quality

  • Call quality issues can be pinpointed and diagnosed allowing the route to be altered and quality optimized
  • This reduces the number of “hops” and points of failure, delivering improved inbound and outbound voice quality

Exceptional Reliability

Flowroute’s patented HyperNetwork™ automatically circumvents outages to enable unprecedented reliability and uninterrupted customer experience

  • In the event of an outage, the 100% software-based HyperNetwork™ rapidly routes physical and logical paths of inbound calls to bypass the outage and enable customers to maintain normal operations

Unparalleled CX

Flowroute’s customer success and engineering teams seamlessly work together to deliver an unparalleled Customer Experience (CX) unlike any other telecom provider to ensure customer satisfaction and success that brings:

  • Complete Customer Satisfaction
  • Exceptional Technical Expertise
  • Seamless Onboarding Process
  • Top-Rated SIP Trunking Provider in Customer Satisfaction for 2019 (Source: EMG)

Easy Scalability

Launch new or enhanced capabilities and scale easily using our web services with no added complexity!

  • Intuitive self-service portal; no interaction with Flowroute
  • User friendly; designed with user experience in mind
  • Easy to scale; truly on demand scalability
  • Dedicated develop portal; all resources in one location

Extensive Reach

Flowroute’s network meshes excess capacity from disparate traditional telecom networks into a singular unified network.

  • Our network covers 14,400 domestic phone number rate centers with 6,600 on-net rate centers.
  • Flowroute also delivers the most comprehensive availability of international telephone numbers, including cloud-based, local and toll-free inbound numbers, in over 160 countries around the world (inbound) and 200 countries (outbound).

Excellent APIs and Documentation

Flowroute provides developers extensive telephony resources such as phone numbers, inbound and outbound calling, SMS, MMS, port orders, CDRs, and advanced signaling data through REST APIs. For example:

  • The Flowroute Numbers API automates the purchasing and configuration of phone numbers in the Cloud – to deliver carrier-grade communication experiences.

Flowroute Solutions

We led the disruption of traditional telecommunications by launching innovative solutions that deliver revolutionary user experiences and unrivaled performance.

VOIP Voiсe

Inbound & Outbound Voice

Scalable, carrier grade SIP Trunking for IP-PBX systems


Bring Your Own Carrier

Power flexible and hybrid calling capabilities through Flowroute’s PSTN connectivity

Phone Numbers

Local, Toll-Free & Vanity Phone Numbers

One of the largest pools of local toll-free and vanity numbers in the US and Canada


Cloud-based, Local & Toll-Free Inbound Phone Numbers

Expand your reach with cloud-based, local and toll-free inbound telephone numbers



Send and receive SMS & MMS via toll-free and long code phone numbers


Fax over IP Networks

Consistently reliable faxing over IP based networks

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