Flowroute Unveils New Customer Onboarding Platform for Communication Service Providers, to Remove the Complexity and Friction Associated with Porting

Posted on March 28, 2017

New platform, debuting at Enterprise Connect, streamlines and provides transparency to the onboarding and number porting process

SEATTLE and ORLANDO, FL. – March 27, 2017 – Flowroute Inc., the leading provider of communication services and technology for cloud-based communication products, today announced its new customer onboarding platform, which provides cloud communication service providers (CSPs) greater transparency and control over their customer onboarding, including the number porting process and data service activation.

One of the greatest challenges facing CSPs today is the slow and unpredictable process of onboarding new users, including the porting of phone numbers, updating critical industry databases for CNAM and E911, and monitoring and better managing exceptions. Most CSPs manage the onboarding process using spreadsheets and disparate project management tools, which can be complex, opaque and error-prone.

By comparison, Flowroute’s new platform offers a programmatic, transparent and easy way to manage the customer onboarding process via an API or online portal. The platform guides end customers through a step-by-step migration process, highlighting potential issues early and helping to avoid common pitfalls, which ultimately results in faster port order completion rates.

“Communication service providers are struggling to effectively onboard new customers. Our CSP customers understand that the onboarding process is critical to their success and that they only get one chance to get it right. When customers experience delays straight out of the gate, providers put themselves at a massive disadvantage,” said Sean Hsieh, founder and chief product officer at Flowroute. “Our new platform streamlines the onboarding process and gives service providers the necessary visibility to set the right expectations, and dramatically improve their customers’ first impressions.”

Flowroute’s cloud-based porting platform, available now in beta version by invitation-only, includes features such as:

  • Onboarding API: Through the Onboarding API, Flowroute helps communication service providers manage the lifecycle of customer onboarding, from order submission to completion.
  • Bulk port orders: Gives CSPs the ability to create and manage thousands of port orders at once through the WebApp.
  • Real-time event updates: Provides end-users access to the entire onboarding journey, including real-time messages from Flowroute’s number and porting experts.
  • Number feature automation: Enables automated configuration of CNAM, E911, call routing and name assignments during onboarding.
  • Quality Control: Sends automated verifications to confirm phone number transition through NPAC, the National Portability Administration Center.

Flowroute will be demonstrating the new onboarding platform at Enterprise Connect in booth 1401. Additionally, Flowroute founder and chief product officer Sean Hsieh will be speaking at the conference in the panel session, “How to Run Video Over SIP Trunks.”

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