Flowroute Joins AWS Marketplace to Accelerate Distribution of the Next Generation of Cloud-Based Communications Solutions

Posted on April 19, 2017

Customers can now easily access and purchase Flowroute’s calling and messaging services through AWS Marketplace

SEATTLE – April 19, 2017 – Flowroute Inc., a leading provider of communication services and technology for cloud-based communications products, today announced that its real-time voice and messaging services are now available through the SaaS Contracts and Subscriptions Services APIs on AWS Marketplace. By making its calling and messaging services available through AWS Marketplace, Flowroute is simplifying the challenge of scaling and operating cloud-based communications solutions.

AWS Marketplace customers can now access and purchase Flowroute’s toll-free and local phone numbers, telephony services and messaging services using the convenient 1-Click ordering and pay-as-you-go billing model. For added convenience, AWS manages the billing and payments for its customers, with Flowroute services appearing as part of their comprehensive AWS bill.

“Our customers are always looking to simplify the way in which they add new features and capabilities to their products. Through AWS Marketplace, we provide access to the type of advanced SaaS solutions that our customers rely on to run their businesses—now with multi-year contracts for the first time—including the programmatically-controlled carrier services from Flowroute,” said Dave McCann, Vice President, AWS Marketplace and Catalog Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “Customers can add the power of Flowroute’s solutions on AWS Marketplace with flexible pricing terms, simplified procurement and unified billing through their existing AWS account and leverage existing payment terms.”

AWS customers looking to integrate communications services into their cloud offerings can now access the following services and features from Flowroute, which are designed to scale instantly and provide high quality, cost-effective cloud-based communications:

  • Carrier-grade Communications Services – provides programmatic access to communications resources such as phone numbers, outbound and inbound calling, SMS and related telephony services.
  • Voice, Messaging, and Customer Onboarding APIs – delivers maximum control of communications services for developers, allowing them to quickly integrate voice and messaging services into applications.
  • Automated Customer Onboarding Platform – removes the friction associated with bringing on new customers by automatically streamlining the number porting and provisioning tasks. The platform helps organizations avoid routine pitfalls and consistently meet or exceed their customer’s expectations.
  • Adaptive Call Routing – through the Flowroute HyperNetwork™, Flowroute unifies the largest telecommunications and IP networks to optimize coverage, quality, reliability, and control.

“Flowroute’s mission is to simplify the way software entrepreneurs integrate human communications into their products and services. All too often these businesses are victims of their own success when their sales victories immediately lead to operational nightmares. Flowroute and AWS Marketplace are enabling these SaaS organizations to dramatically reduce the operational risk brought on by their growth. Being part of AWS Marketplace will be instrumental in bringing our services and expertise to a broader range of companies looking to integrate mission-critical voice and messaging into their applications,” said Dave Rich, Vice President of Product, Flowroute.

Check out Flowroute on the AWS Marketplace here.

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