Flowroute Launches New SDK Program; Reinforces Commitment to Providing Powerful Communications Services For Developers, By Developers

Posted on February 16, 2016

Flowroute simplifies the way SaaS and digital enterprises integrate calling and messaging into apps and services

SEATTLE, Wash – February 16, 2016 – Flowroute Inc., the leading provider of advanced calling and messaging services for cloud-based companies, today announced its Software Development Kit (SDK) program to simplify the way developers integrate calling and messaging into their apps and services. The initial release includes SDKs for Python, NodeJS, PHP and Ruby on Rails, enabling developers to design and create contextually smart interactions to differentiate the user experience.

Flowroute was created to tear down the walls around the telecom networks to deliver unparalleled control to developers and SaaS providers. The Company now embarks on an aggressive program to create simplified methods to manage telecom resources, to remove the frustration and complexity encountered by developers when working with legacy telecom providers. Using Flowroute SDKs developers gain programmatic access to:

● Send and receive SMS: Create customer interactions via text messaging from an existing toll-free or long code phone number.
● View current and add new phone numbers: Manage all phone numbers including adding new phone numbers from Flowroute’s inventory.
● Manage phone number routing: Add and change routing in real-time.

“The Flowroute SDK Program is evidence of our belief that by continuing to simplify the technical and economic challenges of developers, by weaving intelligent interactions into the user experience we will fuel the next wave of communications innovation,” said Sean Hsieh, co-founder and chief product officer of Flowroute. “Our goal is to put developers in control of their communications experiences, deliver flawless quality and streamline the time to market. The benchmark of these calling and messaging experiences will be defined by Flowroute – delivering telecom capabilities for developers, by developers.”

Developers can access the Flowroute SDKs and obtain technical resources like product documentation, code examples across common development languages, and access the API explorer at the Flowroute Developer portal.

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