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Local inbound / origination

Fixed phone number charges

Fixed phone number charges include the non-recurring setup charges and recurring monthly charges associated with phone number subscriptions. Inbound call rates are listed separately.

Quantity Setup Monthly recurring charge
1 $0.00 $0.50*

non-recurring charge

monthly-recurring charge

* Pricing starting at

Inbound call rates (Domestic)

Only pay for minutes you use. With no limit on simultaneous calls, you instantly adapt to occasional or seasonal bursts in traffic.

Charge Rate
Domestic Inbound rate* $0.005/minute

* For on-net DIDs only

Flowroute HyperNetwork *

Flowroute’s patented inbound DID redundancy solution.

HyperNetwork-Capable DIDs Monthly HyperNetwork Fee
(3 yr Term)
Monthly HyperNetwork Fee
(2 yr Term)
Monthly HyperNetwork Fee
(1 yr Term)
Tier 1: 1 - 49 $50 $75 $100
Tier 2: 50 - 499 $100 $150 $200
Tier 3: 500 - 999 $150 $225 $300
Tier 4: 1,000 or more $250 $375 $500

* Terms & Conditions apply. Contact Flowroute Sales

Local number portability orders

Number Portability allows telephone numbers residing with your existing provider to be transferred to the Flowroute network. Price breaks may be offered for large orders on a case-by-case basis.

Charge Port Order Cost Number setup charge Number Monthly recurring charge
Each number $0.00 $0.00 $0.50

non-recurring charge

monthly-recurring charge

All numbers per port order must either be contiguous or be in the same ratecenter. Additional numbers that are not contiguous or not in the same ratecenter must be created as a separate port order.

Cancellation and fees

Port order cancellation fees only apply to port orders that have gone through the submitted status. All port orders in the pending or processing status can be cancelled without a fee.

Charge Local Port Order Toll-Free Port Order
Cancellation fee* $10.00/number $0.00/number
Expedited cancellation fee $100.00/number $0.00/number
Number slam $300.00/number $300.00/number
FOC'd number supplements** $20.00/number $20.00/number

*If a port order is cancelled, then resubmitted, you will need to re-pay the porting fee.

**Fee applies after 4 discrete supplements.

Outbound / Termination

Outbound & termination charges

Make calls to anywhere in the world. Check out the detailed outbound rates for more information as rates vary in each country.

Charge Incremental Rate
Outbound rate (US lower 48 states & Canada) $0.00833/minute
Please see the outbound rates page for detailed breakout.

Toll-free Inbound / Origination

Toll-free inbound / outbound rates (US & Canada)

Utilize an 8XX number as an easy and low-cost way for others to call you for free.

Charge Cost
Toll-free inbound rate (US lower 48 & Canada) $0.00975/minute
Dip charge $0.00530/call



Configure SMS capabilities to your local number through an API or online portal.

Type Inbound Outbound
Long-code SMS $0.004/message $0.004/message *
Toll-free SMS $0.0075/message $0.0075/message *

* Additional fees and surcharges apply; please see Messaging Fees & Surcharges for a complete list


Set up longcode and toll-free MMS through the API or online portal.

Type Inbound Outbound
Long-code MMS $0.0095/message $0.0095/message *
Toll-free MMS $0.019/message $0.019/message *

* Additional fees and surcharges apply; please see Messaging Fees & Surcharges for a complete list

Additional Services


Quickly setup E911 service to automatically associate a physical address with the calling party's telephone number.

Charge Monthly Recurring Charge
E911 association $1.39 per phone number
$1.50** per phone number
Unprovisioned calls to 911 or with an incorrect address $95.00 per call *

* A connect fee of $95.00/call is billed for the use of the Emergency Call Response Service Center to verify the caller’s location and to manually connect the call to the closest Public-Safety Answering Point (PSAP).
** Mandatory E911 Fee per each E911 enabled US DID.


Setup CNAM (caller ID name) to deliver identity information associated with each of your phone numbers.

Charge Cost
CNAM lookup $0.0039 per lookup
CNAM storage Free

Taxes, fees & surcharges

As of February 1, 2022 UTC, Flowroute may assess an E911 fee used to recover legal and regulatory charges arising from Flowroute’s compliance with the Ray Baum’s Act, including increased state and local taxes on E911 services.

As of January 1, 2019 UTC, Flowroute may assess a Carrier Cost Recovery Fee (CCRF) used to defray the costs of taxes and surcharges incurred in conjunction with its SALE AND purchase of telecommunications from carriers used to support Flowroute’s non-interconnected VoIP service.

Prior to January 1, 2019 UTC, Flowroute assessed a Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) charge on non-exempt accounts for interstate and international telecommunications services.

For more information about FUSF contribution requirements, please see the links below.




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