Shoretel SIP trunking by Flowroute

Shoretel SIP Trunking by Flowroute

What are the benefits of Shoretel SIP Trunking by Flowroute?

Back when wireline telephony was the current voice technology, and all telephone calls went through the PSTN (Public Switched Telephony Network), companies would purchase bundled circuits or dedicated lines from a specific service provider. These items were referred to as “trunks”. Today’s Shoretel SIP trunking models are more cost-effective and provide a quicker return on your investment. Plus, they provide enhanced communication capabilities within your company, as well as with your clients/customers, partners, and vendors.

Flowroute offers SIP trunking services for Shoretel that use SIP when setting up communications between an ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) and your PBX system. SIP trunking entails as many voice sessions as needed by your company. Although some individuals look at SIP as only voice capabilities, trunking can also be a starting point for all of your real-time communications with the protocol. This includes app sharing, instant messaging, presence applications, and white-boarding. Consider it to be a vital part of your everyday business communications that keeps the business more productive.

What We Do

Flowroute is the preferred SIP Trunking provider for companies that utilize the Shoretel PBX system. Flowroute’s SIP trunks enable users to design and develop customized, scalable telecommunication solutions tailored to the needs of their businesses at very cost-effective rates.

Shoretel SIP Trunking Benefits

A number of our customers have configured their Shoretel PBX systems to work seamlessly with Flowroute’s SIP trunking. We combine the robust features and scaling capabilities of our award-winning SIP Trunking service with Shoretel. This enables your business to maximize its communications investment by constructing a feature-rich, more cost-effective communications platform. Integrating our IP voice technology with your Shoretel business PBX system is a proven formula for success.

Flowroute engineers have developed SIP trunking products and tested them extensively to ensure optimum operability with the top IP PBX systems in the industry.

Benefits of Shoretel and Flowroute SIP Trunking

The possibility of realizing a rapid return on your Shoretel SIP trunking investment is the primary driving force behind their deployments. Here is how your company benefits:

  • Avoid purchasing additional capacity by maximizing dimensioning and usage flexibility.
  • Delivers data and voice with the same connection thereby optimizing the use of bandwidth.
  • Edge devices require a lower investment when adding extra lines, because they are considerably less expensive than their PSTN counterparts (reduces capital expenditures).
  • Eliminates costly basic rate interfaces (BRI’s) and primary rate interfaces (PRI’s).
  • Enables redundancy where links and multiple service providers are concerned.
  • Gives you the ability to make calls on a global basis, for the same cost of local calling, by providing flexibility in the termination of preferred provider calls.
  • No need for further investments in extra PSTN getaway capacity when your company is expanding and growing.

Furthermore, there are basically three components necessary in the successful deployment of Shoretel SIP trunking including: an IP-PBX system with a trunk interface that has been SIP-enabled, an ITSP or SIP trunk service provider, and an SIP-supportive enterprise edge device. It is important to consider all of the above mentioned points if you are planning to work with us.

Significant Productivity Benefits

In addition to the above advantages, Shoretel SIP trunking offers some significant productivity benefits as well. For instance, you can extend the corporate network’s SIP capabilities outside the LAN, remote employees, and satellite offices. Even your clients or customers can use VoIP, along with other real-time communication apps, for breaking down geographical barriers, increasing productivity, and sharing ideas.

As with any application that exposes a private network to the internet, there are a number of ways that you can enhance the security of your SIP trunking deployments. Plus, when proper QoS (Quality of Service) measures are applied, voice quality is usually not an issue with SIP trunking. This includes measures such as link over-provisioning and voice traffic prioritization. Since SIP trunking is more reliable than PSTN, because of implemented failover solutions, reliability is now a moot point.

The Real Benefits of Shoretel SIP Trunking

A large number of businesses and corporations are already using VoIP. Unfortunately, many of them are only utilizing it on their LAN for communication purposes; and as a replacement technology, the more traditional wireline telephony. Consequently, they are using PSTN getaways at the edge when making calls outside the company. When these companies deploy Shoretel, they lower their administrative and calling costs within their company, and realize a healthy return on their investment (ROI).

The potential for a solid ROI with SIP trunking is even greater because it takes the VoIP concept a step further. When you extend your communication capabilities beyond the company’s LAN, you can realize the full potential that IP communications have. Furthermore, you can realize that ROI within a few months because of the SIP trunks cost-effectiveness. For more information, contact us today to discuss your company’s communication needs with one of our VoIP specialists.


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