SIP Communications

SIP Communications

3 Helpful SIP Communications Tips for Avoiding Caller ID Chaos

In order to represent the accuracy of your business operations, you need to monitor the way in which you manage your configurable charge numbers and your SIP caller ID. There are always going to be challenges whenever you are tasked with moving your SIP communications services over to a centralized SIP service solution. Surprisingly, one of the biggest challenges is the caller ID itself. To assist customers with these challenges, Flowroute has created a SIP testing checklist that will make it easier to overcome issues such as caller ID chaos.

Avoiding the Chaos is As Easy as 1, 2 & 3

SIP caller ID is defined in a number of different ways, depending on whom it is that you are talking with. You can even find some ambiguity among the FCC telecommunications guidelines. We see a number of variations as a result. Here are three (3) helpful tips that should diminish the confusion and provide some understanding of the matter:

The following is a list of the things you should be looking for when trying to choose a provider; especially if you’re a first-time VoIP user and not familiar with SIP trunks:

Tip #1: CLID or configurable calling line identification – This enables you to show any phone number – provided it is valid – when using any of your outbound business telephone lines. As far as SIP caller ID phone numbers are concerned, this provides your business with increased flexibility. When setting up the CLID on an outbound SIP trunk, you can utilize a “remote market” or virtual telephone number. However, you cannot do this when setting up the inbound trunk, but you can use 8XX numbers for your outbound calls.

Tip #2:Fraudulent usage of caller ID – The FCC has laws and regulations regarding the use of caller ID fraudulently. According to Federal law § 64.1604:

“No person or entity in the US shall, with the intent to defraud, cause harm, or wrongfully obtain anything of value, knowingly cause, directly or indirectly, any caller identification service to transmit or display misleading or inaccurate caller identification information.”

In more simple terms, it means that it is your responsibility to ensure that whatever caller ID number you are using accurately represents who is calling, and that you are compliant with the FCC guidelines and laws that the above applies to.

Tip #3: Managing charge numbers – You are allowed to change the caller ID number that the party on the receiving end sees, as long as you have accurately provided your SIP communications carrier with the proper charge number. This ensures that a telephone call’s origination location is displayed for billing and routing purposes. For example, if you operate a telemarketing firm and are calling on a client’s behalf, you may want to consider presenting their caller ID to the party you are contacting. However, you have to ensure that the call’s origination point is shown somewhere in the call stream, so the company can be billed for it.

The Flowroute SIP API

Our SIP API or “application program interface” is a series of software application building or developing protocols, routines, and tools. It specifies the way in which components have to interact, and is typically utilized when programming GUI (graphic user interface) components. The right SIP API provides all of the essential building blocks, thereby making it considerably easier to design and develop a SIP communications program. Flowroute programmers have extensive experience in this area, and the know-how to assemble those building blocks. The more popular API’s include Amazon, Flickr, Google Maps, Twitter, and YouTube.

Flowroute SIP API Integration Benefits

Flowroute is the premier SIP communications Service Provider in North America. Our company specializes in the delivery of the highest quality VoIP communication services to both small and medium-sized businesses, via SIP trunking, and provides the following benefits:

  • adaptive and dynamic routing
  • excellent voice quality
  • extended carrier network
  • flexibility and scalability
  • global reach
  • national footprint for accessing phone numbers
  • powerful web portals
  • superior level of customer service


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Most importantly, it is very cost-effective. As an SIP trunking provider, Flowroute delivers the highest quality services for business including: inbound and outbound calling platforms, local and toll-free phone numbers, Enhanced 911 (E911), and toll fraud protection. With our expanded SIP signaling, we put you in control of your phone service, so that you can route calls cost-effectively, efficiently, and intelligently.

Additionally, our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable support engineers provides an unmatched level of superior hands-on support by e-mail or telephone. For more information regarding our VoIP platform and other SIP communications services, contact Flowroute today. We will be glad to address the needs and requirements of your business. Let us show you how to keep your business phone lines clear, open, and responsive to your company’s needs.


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