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Can an SMS Texting Service Help to Improve My Business Communications?

Short Message Service, or SMS as it is more commonly called, involves the transmission of text messages that are no more than 160 alphanumeric characters in length, and do not contain any graphics or images. Flowroute SMS can be used for the seamless integration of text messaging with existing Flowroute numbers and also the integration of SMS with both your current and new business apps and systems. By unifying calling and messaging to one number  you can easily improve company communications both internally and with yoru customers.

Communications and Marketing Benefits

SMS communications and marketing now play a significant role in business and are an essential component of today’s tech-savvy global marketplace. With our easy-to-use, unified SMS and voice capabilities, you can easily create, manage, and operate your internal or external communications, as well as your marketing campaigns. Thats not all, Flowroute gives you the power to analyze and track your text messaging campaigns and promotions, SMS apps, and a multitude of other text messaging solutions in a cost-effective, efficient, and effortless way.

With Flowroute SMS and voice capabilities as a marketing tool, you can create and develop some very creative promotional strategies. Just what do these strategies look like? Here are a few use cases for advertising and marketing you can perform with bulk SMS messaging:

  • You can broadcast customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Text messaging solutions for businesses allow you to advertise your promotions and specials whenever you want, daily, monthly, or otherwise.
  • You may reach your entire contact list using our SMS messaging service.
  • Use your SMS messaging platform to send emergency alerts.
  • With text message notifications and reminders, you can let your customers know about past due invoices and upcoming billing dates.
  • You can build consumer loyalty and trust as an active member of an SMS group, and by engaging with your clients or customers.

When used correctly, SMS is one of the most cost-effective and efficient methods for marketing and promoting your business. Flowroute is an industry leading carrier putting the power of telecom into the hands of developers, and with the addition of SMS services we are able to unify communications in a way that has never been done before.

Powerful Features

With the powerful features of our SMS, you can improve your communications infrastructure, and take your business apps and website to the next level. Here are eight features that you and your business will immediately benefit from:

  • Advanced scheduling of SMS messages allows them to reoccur after a specified length of time, or be sent at a later date.
  • This allows users to post replies to your business app, or retrieve inbound messages with a separate API command.
  • Callback URL’s enable you to post the delivery alerts and text messaging replies directly to your business app.
  • Check the delivery status and tracking to ensure that every message you send has been delivered.
  • Easy access enables you to check your accounts, in order to ensure that you have sufficient credit for your next marketing campaign; as well as verifying your balance.
  • You can send long text messages up to 918 characters (these are ideal for sending detailed information).
  • You may sent text messages individually or in mass.
  • Unicode SMS comes set up with special characters so that you can send messages in different languages, including Arabic, Asian, and Greek.

Mass text message promotions have become the most cost-effective and efficient methods for maximizing your marketing endeavors and promoting your business today. Flowroute is an industry leading text messaging service and SMS provider. Our text messaging capabilities can increase revenues and profits, assist in any number of emergency situations, and streamlining the way mass text messages are sent.

Flowroute SMS Features

Easily connect with clients and customers or notify text recipients of potentially dangerous circumstances, such as emergencies on campus, or hazardous weather conditions. With Flowroute’s SMS servers, you can create a text marketing campaign in a matter of minutes on your Mac or PC. Sending individual and mass text messages has never been simpler. Try it and see for yourself. For more information regarding our SMS capabilities, as well as our other services, contact us today. Our business representatives would be glad to help you answer your queries.


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