Text Messaging SDK

Text Messaging SDK

SMS-Enable Your Enterprise or Web Apps with a Text Messaging SDK

Flowroute now offers a very powerful text messaging SDK for those of you who want to create a SMS-enabled enterprise or web application for your business. Now you can provide users dynamic, on-demand access to important information using text messaging capabilities. You can send group or individual alerts that respond to triggers embedded in your applications; meaning that you can receive, send, and track your company messages on a global scale.

Flowroute Text Messaging SDK Features

This gives you the capability to build intelligent SMS apps and logic for your web applications over local and toll-free numbers using a single API. With the Flowroute text messaging SDK, you can take advantage of its powerful, straightforward features such as:

  • Long code SMS – The Flowroute text messaging API enables you to integrate SMS for communication purposes using your local long code telephone number in Canada and in the United States.
  • Toll-free SMS – The Flowroute text messaging SDK will enable you to utilize SMS for customer contact, and communication purposes, using your toll-free telephone number in Canada and in the United States.

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Our messaging SDK is much more than your average SMS gateway because it is capable of going beyond sending text messages to other phones.

Furthermore, connections are always fast and reliable when using the Flowroute text messaging SDK. Our SDKs features and services give you the most direct and reliable conduit to an end user’s smartphone with the fastest, most stable platform possible. When you consider that SMS e-mail gateways can take hours to deliver even a single message, limits the rate of message deliveries, and always has ugly headers added to them, there’s no comparison.

Consider another aspect as well. When you have to continually manage and monitor, always-on requests, compliance issues, and high volumes of messages, dealing with SMS can be a significantly challenging endeavor. The bottom line is that Flowroute does all the hard work for your business; so that as a business owner you can focus on the one thing that is most important to you – taking care of your business.

4 Additional Features to Consider

In addition to the above, the Flowroute text messaging SDK has some additional features to consider, including but not exclusive to:

  • Always available and secure – The Flowroute text messaging SDK serves small to large enterprises in the US and Canada. Not only is this reliable, it is very secure.
  • Client library availability – We make it considerably easier and simple to start with an open source client library for NodeJS,  PHP, Ruby on Rails and Python.
  • Full data access – You can easily start out with our management graphical user interface. The manage portal enables you to build out what you need by doing it through our web interface.

You can add the power of SMS to your business apps by using our robust text messaging SDK. Whether it’s an outbound text messaging SDK, an inbound text messaging SDK, or an advanced text messaging SDK; we have the resources containing detailed information and technical reference material, which can assist you in getting started.

Our SDKs are built on an award-winning foundation that has been constructed for scale. Furthermore, these are made possible through the utilization of failover, load balancing, and outage proofing. With scale on demand, you can easily increase or reduce your usage as needed. With the internal configurable hardening and security features included; this ensures that you are always compliant. For more information regarding the Flowroute text messaging SDK, contact us today and speak with one of our representatives.

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