Utilizing VoIP for Business

Regardless of location, size, or type, most companies today are focused on expansion and growth. Many of those companies are also investing in certain products, services, and technologies that will serve their current needs, and address those arising in the future. One such advancement is the Flowroute VoIP SDK and APIs. As one of the most innovative technological advancements, it outperforms similar services that cable and phone companies provide. Consequently, many of today’s business owners contend that a high-quality, cloud-based, phone system is essential to their success.

VoIP SDKs & APIs for Business

Software development kits (SDKs) are specific development tools that enable the creation of different apps for the following:

  • computer systems
  • hardware platforms
  • operating systems
  • software packages
  • software frameworks
  • other similar development platforms

In most cases, the VoIP SDK is comprised of documentation, programming tools, and one or more API’s, or application program interfaces. With the use of this kit, you can develop a system that can handle numerous incoming phone calls at once, while at the same time having options for e-mails, faxing, and other services.

Keep Your PBX and Switch to SIP Trunking

You can easily add PSTN origination and termination, or HD quality VoIP calling, to your app with a voice API or VoIP SDK from Flowroute. Adding voice calling to your business will increase app engagement and user retention. Plus, there are other features available such as:

  • App-to-app calling – enables your users to connect using an internet connection.
  • App-to-phone calling – call from your app to a landline or mobile number with a PSTN termination.
  • Conference calling – integrates cross-device conference calls
  • Phone-to-phone calling – international calling set-up with local DID’s across a wide range of markets.

Flowroute provides intelligent communications services for empowering businesses. Furthermore, adding voice and messaging capabilities benefits your business in a number of ways including, but not exclusive to:

  • Adding value – communication can be enhanced by utilizing PSTN origination and termination of VoIP calling.
  • Generating additional revenue streams – increase your app engagements by taking care of the communication needs of all users.
  • Privacy and security – users have the ability to make voice calls and receive them without sharing any personal information or their phone numbers.

Most importantly, once your system is configured, Flowroute will be there for you to ensure that your telephone lines are always clear and open, as well as to responsive to any of your company’s needs.

Tailored to Your Needs

When you switch to SIP trunking, you will be amazed at its cost-effectiveness and how simple it is to use. Flowroute SIP trunking plans can be tailored to the needs of all companies regardless of their size, and no matter what type of business they are, or the industry niche that they serve. With our SIP trunking, you will enjoy features such as:

  • Metered rates
  • HD voice quality
  • Seamless integration with most cloud-based PBXs
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Scales with any business for adapting to changes and growth
  • SIP-compatible PBX support
  • Superior communication and customer service support
  • Unlimited calling throughout Canada and the United States

As your VoIP SIP provider, we empower your business and put you in control of your telephone service, so your calls can be routed more efficiently and intelligently. Plus, Flowroute’s technology maximizes your quality and uptime by utilizing optimal call routes. Now you can cut costs without compromising the quality of service.

The Flowroute Difference

Our VoIP SDK’s are constructed with simplicity as a key focal point. They not only have excellent documentation for developers, as well as business owners; they are simple to use. You can power up to 1 million phone calls every 24 hours with our voice API. Flowroute also has dedicated development and engineering teams who provide 24/7 maintenance and monitoring for 99.5% uptime. For more information regarding our comprehensive line of VoIP services, contact us today and speak with one of our specialists. They will walk you through the whole process and procedures; while offering to answer your queries.

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