Gotham Dream Cars: The Expert’s SIP Trunking Choice

Not just any provider will do.

Gotham Dream Cars is an exotic and luxury car rental and experience company with offices in New York, Miami and Los Angeles. If you want to drive an awesome car for a day or a weekend, they’re the ones to talk to. And they talk to people all over the country about it. They’ve even shipped cars to Texas and Ohio.

Founder and president, Noah Lehmann-Haupt, lives on the bleeding edge of technology. “I prefer to do things the new way rather than the old way. We’ve never had a traditional phone. We launched in 2004 and I’ve used an Asterisk PBX for the company since day one,” he explained.

Noah knows when it comes to finding the right business partners, not just any provider will do. He switched Gotham over to Flowroute after his original VoIP provider began requiring a faxed form for every country he wanted put on his whitelist for allowable call regions. That made daily business operations difficult for Gotham. “We do a lot of international calling,” Noah explained.

Flowroute takes fraud very seriously. Which is why we give users control of building their own whitelists directly through their account dashboard. Fraud controls are one reason Noah chose Flowroute for Gotham’s call traffic. “I liked it immediately,” he explained. “And thankfully, you guys actually work. So I moved us over.”

As a business owner, Noah said VoIP is “a no-brainer.” Asking, “Why have a physical copper line that’s not getting used most of the time?” And when asked why he puts so much confidence in Flowroute, he replied


As much as Noah likes Flowroute’s service, he enjoys our account management tools even more. “Love it,” he said. “It’s super easy. Very straight forward. Interface, reports, everything is terrific.” High praise from someone who’s been using VoIP to power business longer than Flowroute has been around.

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