The CPaaS for Rock-Solid and Resilient Enterprise Voice Applications

Flowroute provides the APIs, easy-to-use portal, and support you need to build mission-critical voice applications efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Say goodbye to complicated bills and paying for capacity you don’t use.


With Flowroute, you only pay for what you use and can view your usage any time.

Unlimited capacity

Flowroute is architected to dynamically scale as you scale allowing your traffic to always get through without being forced to install (and pay for) an entire PRI.

  • "Flowroute customer service and support simply cannot be beat. Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful people win my business every time, and the folks at Flowroute have all of that in spades."

    Dan Wagner, System Engineer at Atlantic Security

  • “Flowroute wins on cost, quality, and implementation speed. A great provider of telecommunication solutions”

    Rick - Corporate Applications Manager


Ease of calling configuration gets you up and running in minutes, not months.

Self-service portal

Get set up in minutes with direct access to phone numbers, routing, and features such as E911 and CNAM, all from an intuitive self-service portal.

Interoperability tested

Flowroute interoperates with nearly any IP-PBX and has been tested and certified by a number of IP PBXs to ensure superior interoperability.

PBX configuration guides

Flowroute removes the complexity of connecting your IP PBX to our SIP Trunking by providing configuration guides provided by a number of our certified technology partners.

Just some of the IP-PBXs we support


Improve reliability with failover and business continuity built in.

Failover routes

On a per phone number basis, you can specify additional IP addresses or phone numbers to failover incoming calls to if the primary destination goes down.

Multi-carrier redundancy built in

Flowroute’s patented HyperNetwork can route around other carriers’ outages and degradation. This capability allows Flowroute to help its customers mitigate outage time by quickly detecting network impairments, and re-routing the traffic to successfully complete inbound calls.

HyperNetwork recovery examples

CarrierIssueCauseCarrier ImpactFlowroute Impact
Traditional Carrier 1Call failureFiber cut24 hours32 minutes
Traditional Carrier 2Degraded audioSwitch failure9 hours28 minutes
Traditional Carrier 3Call failureSwitch failure7 hours18 minutes


An experience that ensures your satisfaction and your success.

Deep expertise

Flowroute's support engineers are fully trained in all aspects of our network as well as a broad range of UC, PBX and call center system technologies.

Award winning support

Flowroute's support team was recognized for a Stevie Award for frontline support two years in a row and has achieved an NPS score of 60+ for the last six months - unheard of in the telecommunications industry.

Predictable porting process

Flowroute's proprietary porting process, carrier status and relationships ensures faster completion of part orders, typically in 2 weeks or less, and delivered in a scheduled two-hour porting window.

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