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Flowroute is a 100% cloud-based carrier that provides voice, messaging, and SIP trunking solutions. We help our customers optimize their call quality and network reliability. Our carrier-grade solutions and team of telecom and IT experts help customers make sure their inbound calls reach their destination quickly and with minimal disruption. For enterprises, communications services providers, and managed service providers, Flowroute has you covered – thanks to our patented HyperNetwork.

Network outages and disruptions happen. However, the HyperNetwork helps customers sidestep interruptions by redirecting inbound calls that might incur service issues or outages.

Our HyperNetwork meshes multiple telecommunications and IP networks to create optimal routes that maximize call quality, reliability, and modern control.

How HyperNetwork Works

Flowroute’s 100% cloud-based configuration and patented HyperNetwork allows the team to dynamically change the local routing number in the event of a network disruption. We rapidly reroute the underlying network path that the inbound call is using to an alternate carrier that is not experiencing an issue. Because Flowroute utilizes software, we’re able to bypass the outage through the cloud with just a few keystrokes, instead of spending hours physically investigating and repairing the issue.


6,500+ on-net rate centers

15,000+ phone number rate centers

200 international countries


200 international countries

99.999% uptime

30 second rapid failover to a different network

Zero gray routes or aggregators

24/7 emergency support


#1 in customer satisfaction

2-week porting time in a 2-hour scheduled porting window

3 minutes to get up and running


Adaptive call routing

Wherever you need us, Flowroute has you covered. We built our HyperNetwork to fulfill carrier-grade demands with the programmability, automation, and on-demand scale of cloud computing. We offer support for more than 6,500 on-net rate centers and 15,000 phone number rate centers. And with 200 international countries, we deliver an expanding reach around the world.


Network availability

Improve the reliability of your inbound calls by leveraging Flowroute’s unique and patented ability to route around outages and degradation. Using our HyperNetwork, we help customers mitigate outages. By quickly detecting network impairments and re-routing the traffic, you’ll have more completed calls with successful connections.


Flowroute has developed strategic partnerships with carriers to deliver optimized connections through Direct Media Delivery. This delivery method reduces the number of “hops” and points of failure introduced into a more conventional media stream. As a result, this process allows improved inbound and outbound voice quality to both ends of a call. With Flowroute, you’ll no longer worry about connections because we provide unlimited call capacity for each trunk configuration. There are no hidden costs to use as many connections as you need; you only pay for the phone numbers you have with us and the minutes used.


APIs for network control

Improve simplicity of operations by using Flowroute’s rich set of APIs and web portal to access, manage, and update services, solutions, and configurations. Control over telephony resources provides customers enhanced visibility and secure insights whenever and wherever they need. Our web portal makes getting on board and making calls fast and simple. We give you the benefits of the cloud, complete with control over numbers, porting, messaging, and access to raw signaling.

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