Communications Services that Scale

Communications Services that Scale

Healthcare professionals have a finite supply of services, so when patients miss appointments, it significantly impacts the bottom line. The effectiveness of reminders vary by industry, geography and the age of the recipient. What is clear is that reminders can increase patient compliance by up to 40% in some cases., a cloud-based appointment reminder service, focuses on solving this problem by providing a simple, yet powerful appointment reminder service by using calling, messaging, and email to keep patients in the know., the brainchild of Zsolt Halmos, was spun off as a separate business from the parent company, Rolling Hills Enterprises, Inc. Once was able to focus specifically on reminder messages the company saw the business grow rapidly, but that highlighted the need to have immediate and complete control over telecommunication services that reliably serve the increased volume of calls and messages on the SaaS platform.

Control. Reliability. Flowroute.

Being able to deliver reliable, high-quality interactions is mission-critical for doctors and physicians to keep their costs down, and deliver a positive patient experience. This is why has spent the last several years creating a service that will not only enable patients to interact with their doctors through their preferred channel of communication but also significantly reduces patient no-shows.

The first step to building was finding a provider to deliver a high level of control, reliabilty, and simplicity to bring their communications initiative to market. The goal was to have unified calling and text messaging capabilities – meaning one provider, one phone number, through one API. This was something that wasn’t available through their previous SMS provider. Zsolt says, “When it comes to reliability and control, Flowroute is awesome. Hands down we choose Flowroute.”

Innovate with Telecom APIs is a rapidly growing company, which requires a communications provider that can keep up with their growth and help enhance the patient experience. One of the biggest problems helps doctors decrease is ‘no-shows’ by giving patients the ability to confirm or reschedule through a simple, automated voice or SMS interation. According to Zsolt, “Flowroute has been a great strategic partner for us to build out our calling and text messaging capabilities and drive a better patient experience.”

One thing that set Flowroute apart from other providers is its ability to give developers the control they need to create customized calling and messaging experiences.  Zsolt says, “I wanted to deliver a more unified communications service, Flowroute was able to help us do that by offering calling and text messaging through one phone number and one API.” Flowroute gives’s developers peace of mind that they will always have the latest telecom advancements through the API, to create intelligent communication applications that can be customized based on the patient’s needs and preferences.

Up and Running in Days

Within days,’s developers added Flowroute’s SMS to its service. The team had a very positive experience working with Flowroute’s APIs and support engineers who were there to answer any questions along the way.’s clients can now engage with their patients in their preferred method, whether that is a phone call or text message. According to Zsolt, “Flowroute gives us unmatched control over our communications while making it simple, secure and seamless.”

Rapid growth requires high scalability and control

Growing businesses, like, require reliable, high-quality communications services that have the ability to scale dynamically. has found its communications solution in Flowroute, and it’s one that will continue to grow with the expanding and changing needs of the company.

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