Flowroute Adds Enterprise-Class CNAM Lookup to SIP Trunking

Posted on December 19, 2013

Reliable and Accurate Service Enables Businesses to Maximize
Customer Satisfaction with Personalized Greetings and Priority Call Routing

SEATTLE – December 18, 2013 – The amount of North American businesses using SIP trunking will grow from 38 percent today to 58 percent in 2015, according to a recent Infonetics Research survey. Flowroute’s new caller name (CNAM) lookup service gives those companies an enterprise-grade option for correctly identifying callers, enabling them to create personalized greetings and route callers to the right person right away.

Flowroute’s SIP trunking uses a global network of Tier 1 carriers to provide enterprise-grade VoIP services to businesses worldwide. The new CNAM lookup service provides Flowroute customers with an alternative to buggy, patchwork solutions that weren’t developed to meet the enterprise market’s rigorous requirements for accuracy, reliability, scalability and availability.

“CNAM lookup was one of the most requested services from our enterprise and SMB customers’, which is why we worked hard to deliver a solution that’s as rock-solid and high-quality as our call routing,” said Jordan Levy, Flowroute CTO and founder. “Our new service frees businesses from the limitations of other CNAM lookup solutions, including those they’ve had to develop in-house because the market wasn’t really delivering the enterprise-grade service modern businesses need.”

About Flowroute
Flowroute is powering the future of telephone communications. The company develops innovations that provide simplified, agile and direct access to the global telephone network. Serving enterprises and application developers, Flowroute empowers businesses with on-demand capacity, automation tools, and real-time self-serve telephony management. It provides a proprietary platform for building modern communications applications that are light, scalable, automated and based on open standards. Visit Flowroute at www.flowroute.com, or connect on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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