The Basics of Communications APIs – Voice, SMS and MMS

Learn everything you need to know about omnichannel communications enabled via APIs

What you’ll learn in this eBook:

  • What’s driving the omnichannel customer experience
  • How IT can offer significant value to the business by adding communication features to cloud-based applications
  • The 6 key benefits of programmable telecom APIs for mobile and web applications
  • How communications APIs work
  • How telecom APIs keep the company network, systems and data safer
  • Various business use cases for enhancing applications with voice and texting capabilities


Why Developers and Engineers Love Flowroute

We built Flowroute to help developers and engineers enhance and create new services without adding complexity. See what our customers have to say.


4 ways this eBook helps you bring more value to the business

Enhance apps to do more

Make existing and new apps better by adding voice and/or SMS and MMS

Help create a better customer experience

Enable agents to communicate with customers across multiple channels

Create and enhance products your way

Gain flexibility in how you create and enhance products and enable resource-efficient scalability

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