VoIP Toll-Free Numbers

VoIP Toll-Free Numbers

How a VoIP Toll-Free Number Can Help You Grow Your Business

Many internet marketers and online entrepreneurs share a common misconception that the primary reason for having toll-free numbers is to make their smaller companies look bigger. But the reality is that there is much more to this than just looking bigger. Granted, research has revealed that that 800, 855, 866, 877, and 888 toll-free prefixes help to position a business as being credible and successful, by placing them in the same arena as many larger corporations. However, people also associate an image of professionalism with toll-free phone numbers.

4 Ways Toll-Free Calling Can Help Improve Your Business

Taking the issue of appearances into consideration, these easy to remember 3-digit prefixes can help your business in a number of other ways, such as:

Expanding your target audience reach – With toll-free numbers, you give callers the impression that your company is everywhere. These numbers are location independent. Unlike regular phone numbers that have a specific area code attached, to indicate a geo-specific location, the toll-free phone numbers make Anywhere, USA look like a local calling area to your customers.

Making companies considerably more accessible – Your clients or customers needn’t worry about incurring any long distance charges when you have a Flowroute VoIP toll-free number. It shows that you value good customer service, and that providing easier access to your business is one of your main priorities. Furthermore, you can give those numbers to your clientele in order to provide them access to consumer-facing departments in your company.

Providing your sales staff with national visibility – One of the easiest ways to provide your sales staff with national visibility is toll-free calling. It enhances their professional image and increases their credibility. Plus, when phone numbers have a 3-digit toll-free prefix, your sales staff projects a national presence. We can also program these numbers to direct callers to different extensions, or virtual phone numbers. We can program advanced call forwarding as well, so that callers can reach someone on their cellphone, at their desk, or their home office. Thus, it can help you stay in touch at all times.

Tracking your marketing campaigns – One of the main benefits to having a Flowroute VoIP toll-free number is that it enables you to track where the call is coming from and determine the source point of your business. By assigning a specific toll-free phone number to each marketing campaign, you can find out which campaigns are performing well, and which ones are not. For example, you can:

  • Assign different toll-free numbers to each marketing campaign to identify different promotions and offers – for instance, you can use one number to identify a “bogo” (buy one/get one) offer, and a different number with a “free shipping” promotion. Additionally, you can direct inbound calls to different departments or extensions, and track where sales leads are coming from.
  • Track each marketing source and determine how effective it is – you can attach a toll-free number to a print advertisement, a different one to a radio ad, and another one to your online marketing campaign. Furthermore, you can run separate reports on each number and their activity, in order to determine which one of your campaigns is generating the best ROI.


Flowroute now offers different special toll-free calling plan bundles, which make these numbers an appealing and cost-effective addition for any type of business. When you stop and think about it, attaching a toll-free phone number to your business is one of the best conveniences you can provide to your clients or customers.

Benefits of Promoting VoIP Toll-Free Numbers

Your VoIP toll-free number can be used as a cost-effective, yet powerful, marketing tool that can take your business to the next level. By promoting your number, you open up a wide range of possibilities for your company. The primary benefit is that your toll-free number is a highly recognizable way for existing and prospective clients or customers to contact you. Best of all, it costs them nothing to call you, no matter where they are calling from. It stands to reason then, that your sales could increase, when it is recognized, and used on a regular basis.

You can easily promote your toll-free numbers in a variety of ways, including marketing campaigns, social media platforms, on your website, and places such as on your company letterhead, an e-mail signature, and on any promotional materials. For more information on acquiring a VoIP toll-free number, contact Flowroute today, and speak with one of our knowledgeable VoIP and SIP specialists. Let us show you how you can build your business on a global scale.


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