Debunking Common Questions Hindering Adoption of Cloud-Based Telecoms

Posted on October 21, 2020

This article is condensed and originally appeared in The Fast Mode.

To support the ever-increasing shift to remote work and build a competitive advantage, more businesses are making the transition from on-premises hardware to SaaS-based cloud offerings.

As decision makers consider moving their phone systems to the cloud, they may have questions about some of the issues they have historically associated with cloud-based communication services, such as security, audio quality and control over IT.

Businesses, large and small, have relatively similar requirements when it comes to selecting and managing their communications services: reliability, quality and simplicity. Cloud-based offerings were designed with these very needs in mind. Plus, with the enhanced scalability and flexibility these solutions can offer, business leaders can continuously look to innovate offerings, which will increase their overall market share.

However, even with these benefits, there are lingering questions that make enterprise leaders hesitant to invest fully in the cloud and move to a cloud-based communications solution. Despite the misconceptions that still exist, business leaders can rest assured that with their new cloud tools, they’ll secure more control over their PBX, enhanced security capabilities and improved call quality.

Let’s unpack each of these questions and de-bunk the myths that may be holding these decisions back.

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