How Hosted Telecom Helps Businesses Do Away With IT Silos

Posted on November 12, 2021

This article is condensed and originally appeared on Telecom Ramblings.

Hybrid work has become the new norm for many businesses after taking center stage in 2020. Now, 74% of companies say they plan to continue remote work during their transition back to in-person or hybrid operations. Despite the numerous benefits associated with working remotely, the changes have exasperated a few challenges for businesses. For example, the influx of workforce optimization tools is creating barriers to a fluid customer experience. The barrier? IT silos.

An IT silo occurs when a tech resource cannot communicate with other resources in the tech stack. Each resource typically aligns with a business function that is performed by a particular department such as customer relationship management, external communications or even internal chat systems. When team members lack unification with other departments, silos can spread and cause disruption. Some of the negative impacts of IT silos include:

  • Difficulty accessing and sharing information across departments.
  • Error-prone and unreliable data integrations.
  • Faulty customer issue resolution.
  • Overspending on separate solutions that can address the same issues.
  • Roadblocks hindering standardization and compliance.
  • Duplicated efforts from employees on the same or separate teams.
  • Inconsistent employee performance metrics.

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