How IT Silos Are Creating a Fragmented Customer Experience

Posted on October 20, 2021

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Providing a seamless customer experience (CX) across all touchpoints is a top priority for businesses in any industry. According to a recent report, organizations consider customer experience and service as top investment areas in 2022. However, the shifts to remote and hybrid work have created their own challenges for businesses. With the influx of workforce optimization tools, changing consumer preferences and the rapid move to remote work, businesses face numerous barriers in creating a fluid customer experience.

Another common obstacle to CX is the emergence of IT silos. An IT silo occurs when data is stored in different places or isolated from parts of the organization. If the systems cannot communicate, then the data sets cannot be linked, and they each would be considered their own data silo because they are effectively invisible to each other.

Organizations with numerous departments or distributed teams can easily fall victim to the problem of IT silos. And the longer such silos exist, the more deeply and stubbornly ingrained they can become within an organization’s culture. A business’ dysfunctional flow of information can bleed over and impact its external interaction with a customer.

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