Modernize Your Enterprise Communications With a Cloud-based Carrier

Posted on March 23, 2022

Modern organizations depend on reliable and high-quality communication services to conduct everyday business. As customer preferences change and external forces can drive significant market shifts in an instant, today’s businesses seek communications solutions that they can scale and adapt as needed. 

At Flowroute, we understand today’s enterprise and communication service provider (CSP) demands, as well as how those needs have changed over the last few years to support the rising distributed workforce movement. Founded as the first 100% cloud-based carrier, we have software embedded into our DNA and a track record for providing communication solutions that match modern organizations and their shifting ambitions.

Cloud communications are modern forms of traditional telecom services free of the baggage and structural problems that plague traditional systems. The cloud approach has many advantages, which, when applied to communications, offers more flexibility, faster workflows, increased scalability, and lower costs.


Greater scalability to keep pace with market demands and customer preferences. 

Traditional carriers have scalability constraints, physical equipment, and possible interruption of services to meet customers’ needs. In contrast, our modern cloud-based communications technology sidesteps these obstructions. This is important because many companies discover that they need to expand their communication services to support a growing customer base or even a growing workforce. An enterprise may quickly scale its communication resources up or down with a cloud-based carrier with no extra effort. 


Enhanced reliability to keep customers and partners connected. 

Migrating communications to a 100% cloud-based provider like Flowroute gives organizations stability. For example, Flowroute’s HyperNetwork™ meshes multiple telecoms and IP networks into a single optimal route, so our customers have the advantage of maintaining a web of stability, always protecting against costly service disruptions behind the scenes. Having protection from outages gives an organization ease of mind knowing their communications services are stable in a fast-paced business world. 


Streamlined set-up and management to keep operations and interactions running. 

Our self-service platform provides customers with rapid access to and management of their communication services. They can instantly add and use phone numbers for their accounts, and they can quickly reroute inbound signaling to set up call forwarding or create failover routes. A cloud-based management system can also track and change spending and usage from any location.


Improved agility to better embrace containerized architecture across the organization.

Cloud technology can help position a business to modernize across all services. The concept of containerization and why it’s beneficial to enterprise communications is that it helps to replace legacy applications with new, more scalable solutions that can be deployed and used in any environment. It also reduces the cost of infrastructure operations, increases agility, and enhances security – all top advantages that contribute to a stronger, more robust communications network.


Simplified management to reduce burdens on your IT team.

Today’s IT teams are overwhelmed like never before. IT staff are getting bogged down in their work due to being continually “online” and inundated with incoming issues and time-consuming troubleshooting. A cloud-based carrier can help simplify and streamline an IT team’s workload by reducing time spent on maintenance and infrastructure management. Our customers have access to our award-winning customer support team who can support and troubleshoot whenever needed. 


In conclusion, partnering with a cloud-based carrier enables an organization to easily scale to support its growing distributed workforce, elevate the customer experience and meet its business objectives. Flowroute has a history of empowering our customers to create meaningful and real-time communication experiences by leveraging all the advantages the cloud has to offer.


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