Tapping the Business Potential of Telecom APIs

Posted on April 10, 2021

This article is condensed and originally appeared on the No Jitter Website

Competitive differentiation, improved customer retention, and continued ROI are three benefits.

Robust communication systems are essential to the success of any business, enabling them to stay in touch with customers. For continued ROI, however, communication systems must help businesses remain on the cutting edge of customer expectations in terms of their preferred ways of interacting with brands. They must evolve as new technologies emerge or as existing tools find new use cases, such as we see in the addition of digital features and applications that help grow a company’s digital presence and ability to offer more channels for customer connectivity. To facilitate these kinds of modern communications, businesses should consider utilizing APIs.

APIs, which enable communications in software, have been on the rise — influenced heavily by the introduction of disruptive new business models and evolving customer preferences that traditional technologies are not positioned to address quickly and efficiently. One common example is the API-based messaging app or phone service Uber uses to support communications between drivers and passengers.

APIs have countless use cases and are a critical tool for scalability and resilience; telecom APIs should be a go-to for businesses looking to improve customer communications. To put it simply, telecom APIs can give telephone functionality to virtually any Internet-connected device or application. Software developers can use telecom APIs to integrate calling, texting, and other telephony functions directly into applications or software services. On the back end, telecom APIs are typically supported by VoIP networks to route calls and messages from one user to another.

Outlined below are three ways companies can enhance their communications resources using telecom APIs and see return on their IT investments.

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