What is CNAM and how can it work for your business?

Posted on December 2, 2015

Trying to leverage your brand on sales calls? Searching for another way to treat your clients with a personalized touch? You’re in luck. Caller-ID Name (CNAM) is a fast, easy and very cost-effective way to achieve these goals.

What is CNAM?

CNAM is the technology that makes your name appear on the Caller ID screen when you dial a prospect. Although often confused, Caller ID and CNAM are not the same. Caller ID is simply the Phone Number associated with the party placing the outbound call. Caller-ID Name (CNAM) is a string of up to 15 characters associated with a phone number that identifies the caller to the receiving end (callee). It can be a powerful business tool if implemented correctly. Here’s how to put it to work for you.

How CNAM works

In the U.S., CNAM is stored in different carrier databases. Different carriers use different CNAM databases across the country. When a carrier receives a call and a DID is displayed, they do what is referred to as a “CNAM Dip”. A CNAM Dip looks up the name that is attached to the DID on the call received.

Most phone carriers use only one or two CNAM databases. The CNAM carriers update their databases on their own and there is no way to expedite a change request. This is why you may experience a delay in the receiving end showing the proper CNAM. It takes time for carriers to sync the CNAM associated to a DID.

In Canada, CNAM storage is nonexistent because there are no CNAM storage databases. The CNAM is pulled from the display name found in the SIP signaling. It is pulled from one or all of the following fields:

1.   P-Asserted Identity:
2.   Remote-Party ID:
3.   From:

How CNAM benefits business

According to a study by the United States Department of Agriculture, by simply showing the CNAM on outbound calls, clients have seen an increase in call answer rates and responses.  CNAM storage is an easy way to boost sales and it’s free from most providers. Callers are more likely to pick up if they recognize the name of the caller, so CNAM is an easy way to increase call answer rates. CNAM lookup (Dips) lets you know the name of who is calling before you pick up the phone. The ability to personalize every greeting raises prospects’ recollection of your business as it can make for a more personalized experience.

Find the CNAM provider for you

CNAM can be a valuable tool for sales and customer retention. Here are 5 proven strategies for choosing a CNAM provider:

1. Find quality data
2. Ensure interoperability
3. Think about reporting
4. Ensure delivery
5. Customize to analyze

Once you harness the power of CNAM, you will be on your way to improved call answer rates, and better customer service experiences. For more information on utilizing CNAM with your Flowroute account, see our available services.

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