You Moved Your IT To The Cloud, Now What?

Posted on October 8, 2020

This article is condensed and originally appeared in MSP Insights.

With the abrupt shift to working from home in recent months, many companies—including MSPs—have had to lean more heavily on digital technologies and the cloud to support their operations. These transitions have come with a multitude of benefits that have served as a life raft amid uncertainty and urgency created by the global pandemic.

You’ve probably already heard about the range of benefits of moving to the cloud and your IT team may have already helped your company make the jump. But making this transition comes with a brand-new landscape to navigate. So now that you’ve made the transition, where do you go from here?

As a new cloud adopter, MSPs face a new set of challenges to ensure the transition continues to run smoothly and that you’re maximizing the power of your investment for a variety of businesses.

Below are a few best practices that can help ensure you’re making the most out of the cloud tools available to you. These tools can be helpful for MSPs who are seeking deeper integrations, efficiencies, and cost-effectiveness. Specifically, this direction will be beneficial for MSPs that are looking to move more of their customer service contact methods to the cloud or that are seeking to adopt tools to power remote work for their operations.

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