What makes Enterprise VoIP service phenomenal

If you’ve ever received an award, chances are Eric Wald’s company had something to do with its manufacture. Nearly every trophy dealer in the US carries their products. From acrylic awards to signage, to gift items like luggage tags, clocks and photo wall art, they produce over 2,000,000 items a year between factories in Mexico and Vietnam. The whole operation is managed out of offices in Atlanta and Tucson. But as established as is, Eric knows that the Company’s market position depends on being highly available to its national network of customers. The entire business relies on highly reliable and high quality phone service, to keep up with the continual flow of orders.

With over 400 employees and a huge network of suppliers and distributors, the phones at never stop ringing. “Our phones are very critical to us,” explained Eric.

When it’s time for change:

He liked the reliability he had with old POTS lines, but they were “massively expensive.” Eric switched to a hosted VoIP solution to lower AcrylicPress’ telephony costs, and at first it went well. His first VoIP provider gave him the ability to control where calls were going, allowing him to redirect numbers in the event of a power outage at one facility. But when his initial VoIP provider was acquired, that functionality was lost and their customer support deteriorated dramatically. Plus, he was getting complaints from his customer service team that poor call quality was getting in the way of their work.

Fed up with waiting (literally) hours on hold for something as simple as a route change, Eric asked his IT partners at LOD Communications for a phone service recommendation. They said, “Use Flowroute, they’re the best in the industry.” So Eric had LOD set up a FreePBX system at both US offices and connect them to the telephone network with Flowroute phone service.

The right choice is clear:

“Flowroute is clear as clear can be,” said Eric. He hasn’t heard a single word from his support team since switching. “We used to have poor quality calls, but I don’t think we’ve had one with Flowroute.”

AcrylicPress is saving over $1,000/month on phone service since switching to Flowroute. For the first few months after they began using Flowroute, Eric would send screen captures of their usage reports to his brother (and business partner) who couldn’t believe they were getting superior service and saving so much money.

High quality and savings are important factors when switching enterprise phone service providers, but enhanced control is just as crucial. Flowroute’s web-based Account Manager has already saved Eric more than once.


Be confident in your connection:

Eric said switching the company from POTS lines to VoIP was, “The scariest thing on earth.” In his experience, it’s hard to find the whole package in a VoIP or SIP trunking service. One provider might give you good quality, but ineffective support, or they charge you more than you need to be paying. “I’d be afraid to try anybody else,” he said. “Flowroute service has been so magnificent, we’ve never looked back.”

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