Queensboro: SIP trunking keeps customers happy

In the custom printing business customers have many options, which is why for The Queensboro Shirt Company, reliable customer service is crucial. Fred Meyers founded Queensboro when he was a college student during the late 1970s in New York City. The original Lacoste polo shirt was extremely popular, and Fred wanted to find an alternative. He needed a way to get the same distinct quality polo shirt as the original, but with whatever logo or design a person wanted. After looking around, Fred found a high-quality shirt supplier and an embroiderer to put different logos on the shirts. Fred knew the combination of quality product combined with excellent customer service was unbeatable, so Fred grew his business by direct sales through advertisements and mailings, and placing a high value on establishing direct relationships with his customers. Queensboro still remains dedicated to its customers, working constantly to make and keep its customers happy. An important aspect of Queensboro keeping its customers happy is live support over the phone. Equally important is knowing its phone service is reliable and backed up by strong support, so whenever a customer calls the experience is flawless.


According to Fred, “The only way to keep customers happy is to just do it”, and Queensboro’s  phone provider at the time, Windstream, made this difficult. In the event of an outage or technical difficulty, Queensboro faced challenging customer support and often had to troubleshoot its own phone problems. Downtime is never good, especially when customer service is one of your top priorities, so this problem needed to be solved right away. To do so, Queensboro’s Controller, Thomas Campbell, knew Queensboro needed to find a new SIP provider with top level customer support that was able to proactively solve problems before they turned into outages.


Fonality, Queensboro’s longtime phone system provider, recommended Flowroute. Thomas looked into Flowroute’s services and found exactly what he needed: responsive customer support with specialized SIP knowledge. After speaking with support, he commended Flowroute’s high level of technical know-how and “ability to just get work done.”

Queensboro found not only did Flowroute offer award winning support, but Flowroute also offered other features to ensure Queensboro customer support was always up and running:

  • Adaptive Call Routing: Flowroute’s patented technology reroutes calls around impaired network infrastructure in mere minutes, which means Queensboro will likely never face downtime.
  • Direct Media Delivery: Direct Media Delivery passes the media direct to the final end point and takes the shortest, simplest path to the final destination. This means customer service agents experience less jitter and lag time when making calls with customers.



Migration over to Flowroute was flawless. Porting was smooth, and went according to schedule, and Thomas reported no interruption to his customer support team during the transition. He says, “I was impressed, especially based on past experience with other providers. Flowroute has exceeded all expectations.” Call quality has been reliable, and as a result, Thomas has had no reason to contact support, but he knows if he does, Flowroute support will be able to answer all of his questions and get his phones back up and running quickly.

As his a company puts top priority on customer experience, Thomas appreciates working with a SIP trunking provider who feels the same way. Thomas knows he will always be given top level service when he calls in, and support will help him with all of his needs. From a small pet project in the seventies to the company it is now, Queensboro has always put the customer first. Now, thanks to Flowroute, Queensboro doesn’t have to worry about phone service letting its customers down, and knows its customers will always be able to get help when they need it.

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