E911 and SIP Trunking

As an industry-leading SIP trunking provider, Flowroute delivers complete telephony services that include E911 or Enhanced 911 capabilities. By providing one of the most comprehensive and complete telecommunications service offerings in the industry, we are able to support our subscriber’s IP telephony advanced features, while at the same time meeting CRTC and FCC regulations. We help you meet your business goals with the most cost-effective solutions in the industry and by providing the best and most accurate E911 capabilities on the market – online and through our Numbers API.

About E911

Everyone understands the need for 911, but Enhanced or E911 is not as commonly known. E911 is actually a feature of the traditional 911 emergency calling system, and in North America is a telephone network that automatically associates a person’s physical address to the caller’s phone number. Basically, it is like a reverse phone directory that a phone company can provide for numbers that are not already a landline, in the form of a computerized file. The association between the caller’s VoIP phone and their physical address is made using a computer software application. The primary benefit is that emergency responders can find your location without you having to provide an address.

How Does It Work with SIP Trunking?

The standard answer that we give in response to that question is, “Actually, it works rather well.” To successfully ad E911 capabilities to your DIDs your 911-registered number must be registered with Flowroute. We can help you walk through the complete process and offer any assistance that you need. The following is a couple of examples:

  • BTN’s or Billing Telephone Numbers – All of our BTN’s can be 911-registered and typically corresponds with your company’s physical address. If you place a 911 call from your office, emergency responders will see your address because your phone system sends the BTN.
  • EDID or Enhanced Direct Inward Dialing – A DID phone number that is 911-registered enables you to place the emergency call with your IP phone. Your phone system out-pulses the EDID phone number, which is registered with Flowroute and corresponds to your physical address. It does not correspond to the office where the SIP trunks are located.

It’s important for you to remember that you have to coordinate the registration of your physical address with us so that it corresponds to your phone number. Your telephone system must also be programmed so that it out-pulses the Caller ID feature. Be sure you test this during the installation of your phone system.

Why Should You Choose Flowroute as Your E911 Service Provider?

As a SIP trunking provider, we can help you meet your safety objectives with E911 capabilities and cost-effective VoIP solutions. Flowroute provides all forms of endpoints for subscribers. This includes IP phones, soft phones, and wireless phones that have been integrated with a wide range of voice platforms. Furthermore, our solutions are compatible with the broadest assortment of soft switches, and session border controllers, within the industry. This ensures that E911 integration is quick and simple.

Our E911 services for VoIP are FCC compliant and provide your clients and/or customers with total control and security. Our API, SDKs and online management portal enable you to monitor any activities and reporting metrics in real-time. Through any of these avenues, you can easily integrate E911 services for off-net and on-net phone numbers. You’ll be able to provide your company, clients or customers with better service and provision your DID phone numbers within a wide range of networks.

Flowroute offers one of the most comprehensive lines of telecommunications services in the industry. As one of the top communication carriers, we address the needs of developers, high-tech enterprises, and SaaS service providers. We deliver inbound and outbound calling services as well as local and toll-free phone numbers. As a certified carrier, we can leverage carrier lever toll-fraud protection to ensure the highest level of protection for your company, customers, applications and services. If you are interested in learning more about enhanced 911, or any of the other services we offer, give us a call.

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