FreeSWITCH SIP Trunking

Deploying SIP Trunking with FreeSWITCH

FreeSWITCH is an open-source, scalable telephony cross-platform; designed to interconnect and route widely used communication protocols through the use of audio, text, video, and just about any other form of media. It filled the void that proprietary commercial solutions left in the early 2000’s. FreeSWITCH provides a telephony platform for developing a number of applications by using a broad array of FREE tools. Originally designed and implemented by 3 former developers of the open-source Asterisk PBX, its development was attributed, meeting several design goals such as cross-platform support, modularity, scalability, and stability.

Deployment of SIP for FreeSWITCH

As one of the top FreeSWITCH SIP trunking providers in the nation, our SIP trunking service can be integrated with a number of open-source PBX system solutions. By implementing FreeSWITCH SIP trunking you can easily reduce the costs associated with your communication infrastructure; while at the same time taking advantage of the customization and flexibility that is offered. We support a wide range of communications technologies, thereby making it easier to interface with a number of different PBX systems.

FreeSWITCH Implementation

FreeSWITCH is known for its ability to support a number of the more advanced SIP trunking features. Because it supports both narrow and wideband codecs, it is the perfect solution when you want to bring legacy devices into the future. Additionally, FreeSWITCH constructs natively and can run in a standalone fashion on a number of different operating systems including BSD, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, and Windows.

You can extend FreeSWITCH’s modular design without hindering its function. Plus, it won’t require a huge effort on the part of your developers. Each module has a specific function or role while related tasks are oftentimes grouped into a single module. Modules are typically enabled based on function preference. FreeSWITCH can enable basic functionality and comes equipped with a set of pre-loaded modules. Furthermore, Flowroute is available to assist you and guide you through implementation. We also provide support for those who are less familiar with telephony software implementation.

Why Choose Flowroute for FreeSWITCH SIP Trunking?

Business phone systems have two primary components, one of which is telephony software that is commonly known as the PBX (Private Branch Exchange). This handles your call controlling, and a number of other system features including automated attendants, conferencing, voicemail, and so on. The second component is the delivery mechanism or the way in which the PBX sends calls to the network, and then routes them to the recipient’s destination. This is called the PSTN (public switched telephone network).

In the more traditional telephone system, the PBX is connected to the PSTN via carrier-provided primary rate interfaces or PRI’s. Rather than using telephone lines to create a connection, SIP utilizes data lines instead. Our clients come to us for deployment of FreeSWITCH SIP trunking because of the following benefits:

  • Clients are allowed to select the internet provider that addresses their specific needs and fits within their budget.
  • Flowroute comes with a powerful yet simple to use online interface for administrating their SIP trunking accounts.
  • Flowroute has thoroughly tested FreeSWITCH for SIP deployment across the United States.
  • Typically it is more cost-effective to use IP-based telephony in comparison to traditional telephony.
  • Flowroute doesn’t charge by channel and only charges what has actually been used – giving customers the flexibility to scale on their terms.
  • Flowroute’s high-quality SMS capabilities are also available on any long code or toll-free DID.

As the leader in calling and messaging, you can rely on Flowroute to keep your business telephone lines up and running; as well as well as provide a safety net via our support team if you have questions. For more information on FreeSWITCH SIP trunking or any of our other comprehensive services, call us today and speak with one of our SIP trunking specialists. For the very best in business SIP trunking, it’s Flowroute. Call to learn more about how we can assist your business communications and find an effective solution that is tailored to your needs.

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