Local Phone Numbers

Choosing Virtual Local Phone Numbers for Your Business

One of the quickest ways to turn callers into business customers today is with an IP-PBX or VoIP phone system that is equipped with local numbers. These are categorized as secondary numbers, and are connected to your primary numbers that are hosted through your PBX phone system. They are also known as virtual numbers, and are programmed so that phone calls are forwarded to a cell phone number, extension line, or a VoIP service.

At Flowroute, we have the tendency to say “pick a number, any number” because we have local phone numbers available for just about any area code throughout the United States. Whether you have established a business in your local area or want to offer your products and/or services, having local numbers will enable you to build a strong presence, and increase the visibility of your business. We have thousands of numbers available, so it is relatively easy to select one that best suits your business. If you have a particular number in mind, do let us know; we’ll try our best to assign it to you for your business.

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A More Affordable Way to Communicate

In many cases, people are reluctant to make certain phone calls because they fear to get huge telephone bills. However, when you call virtual local phone numbers, you do not incur any fees, even if the call has originated from a distant location. With a hosted PBX or VoIP system, there is considerably more scalability than what you would find with a conventional PBX. As a hosted PBX service provider, Flowroute offers phone numbers for local area destinations in order to provide our customers with more convenience.

Unlimited Ways to Keep in Touch

With VoIP local numbers, you have a number of choices for keeping in touch with your clients or customers, colleagues, family, and friends including:

  • Conferencing – You’ll never second-guess your conference calls again, as each extension comes with its own “bridge” for conferencing with up to 500 individuals.
  • Fax – Receive and send fax files from your account quickly and easily, without ever hearing that annoying fax sound again.
  • Messaging – Any text messages that are delivered to your Flowroute local phone numbers can be received into your account inbox and displayed there.

In addition to the above, you can choose the device you want to communicate with, such as mobile phones, ring-ready IP telephones, softphones, and of course, any traditional telephones. However, with cutting-edge new technology, it is best to use it to cut costs, instead of utilizing traditional methods of communication.

Standard and Premium Hosted PBX Features

In addition to those standard features that you would normally expect with a hosted VoIP phone system, Flowroute also provides some that you probably didn’t think about or expect. In addition to the standard calling features, there are also premium ones available. Your standard calling features usually include features such as:

  • account management
  • call blocking, notifications, and call forwarding
  • conferencing
  • E911
  • fraud controls
  • incoming and outgoing CNAM (caller ID NAME)

In addition to the standard calling features above, there is a wide range of premium calling features that you can choose from including:

  • custom local numbers
  • vanity toll-free numbers
  • SMS and MMS-enabled phone numbers

The primary benefit of having VoIP local phone numbers is that they enable you and your business to establish a virtual presence in different geographical areas. This saves you a considerable amount of time if you are planning on expanding into other areas or regions. If you would like help with virtual phone numbers for your business or need more information on the subject, contact Flowroute and discuss your needs with a company specialist.

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