Messaging API

Messaging API

Text-Enable Your Apps & Services with Flowroute’s Messaging API

Flowroute offers a powerful Messaging API for organizations that want to create applications or services that incorporate text messaging. Our Messaging API includes an API for SMS texting and MMS texting so you can provide users with dynamic, on-demand access to important information like appointment reminders, alerts, or customer service updates using text and multimedia capabilities.

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The Benefits of Text-Enabling Apps

Flowroute’s Messaging API is ideal for organizations that want to provide a more omnichannel customer experience, giving their employees and the customers they serve a faster, more personalized way to communicate. Studies have shown that the vast majority of consumers prefer texting businesses over any other form of communication, especially when they can communicate with a real person.

Why stop with Flowroute Voice SIP when you can easily add SMS and MMS capabilities to your existing applications and those in development? Users will no longer have to deal with pop-up windows or switching applications, and you can keep all customer touchpoints connected. We created our SMS API for developers to simplify the process of enabling users to text directly inside the applications they already use.

Flowroute Messaging API Features

Flowroute’s Messaging API gives developers programmatic control to build intelligent SMS and MMS interactions into their apps and services—over local and toll-free numbers using a single API. Our easy-to-use Messaging API allows you to take advantage of the following features:

Send and receive SMS/MMS

Enable SMS and MMS-based customer interactions using new or existing toll-free or long code phone numbers. Our voice and messaging services can share numbers as well, making it even easier to utilize both capabilities.

Receive detailed information

Review detailed reports that contain SMS and MMS statistics and usage records in real-time through the Flowroute manage portal, including message direction, message status, billing information, timestamps, and message content.

Customized Routing

Obtain real-time control over how SMS and MMS messages are routed through customizable webhooks that ensure developers have power over delivery at the account or individual phone number level.

Real-time provisioning

Search for and provision phone numbers in real-time through the Flowroute Messaging API or online portal to allow apps and services to scale immediately.


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The Flowroute Difference

We deliver a true carrier-grade communications experience for both enterprise developers and their end customers. Instead of dedicated days or even weeks developing custom integrations, get your time back by leveraging our MMS and SMS texting API that does all of the hard work for you. As a developer, you can focus on innovation and speeding release cycles instead. 

With the Flowroute Messaging API, you can enjoy unique features such as the following:

One provider, one number, one API

With the Flowroute Messaging API, you can unify your voice and messaging experience with one phone number. All calls and text message data is in one place, under one number, synced with the client records for a consolidated communication history. 


With scale on demand, you can easily increase or reduce your use as needed and pay accordingly. See our pricing for SMS and MMS to learn more about our metered pricing model.

Flowroute Support

No matter what you’re hoping to achieve with our Messaging API, Flowroute is here to help. We have the resources and technical reference material to help you jumpstart your communications initiatives. 

On-Demand, Self-Service Support

Access dozens of online guides across multiple categories, such as Configuration Guides, Messaging, APIs, and Fraud Prevention. We also offer a dedicated developer hub where you can read API reference documentation and related articles with use cases so you can get up and running quickly.

Live Support

We offer live support Monday through Friday from 5 AM until 5 PM PST as well as 24/7/365 emergency support with Flowroute’s knowledgeable Customer Support Specialists at no additional cost.

For more information about text messaging and the Flowroute Messaging API, contact us to speak with one of our communications experts.


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