Mitel SIP Trunking

Mitel SIP Trunking

Could the Mitel PBX with Flowroute SIP Trunking Be the Next Generation in Telephony?

As many businesses have evolved, so has the role that SIP trunking plays. From chat, e-mail, and video, SIP trunking has much more to carry than voice communications. Mitel, deployed with Flowroute SIP Trunking, integrates all of your company’s communication capabilities using a single connection. With the Mitel SIP trunk, you can improve efficiency and productivity, lower expenses, and optimize your collaboration abilities throughout your organization. This is why we believe that this might just be the next generation in SIP trunking. Call us today to learn more about this system, and how it could productively benefit your business.

What We Do

Flowroute is the preferred choice for SIP Trunking providers for companies that utilize the Mitel PBX system. Our different SIP trunks enable the consumer to design and develop customized, scalable telecommunication solutions tailored to the needs of their businesses at very cost-effective rates. The Mitel PBX and our SIP trunks are tested continually to ensure a seamless, stable function. We want your business communication to remain seamless and that is why we go that extra mile to ensure it.

Flowroute SIP Trunking and Mitel PBX Systems

Our SIP trunking is architected to integrate in a seamless fashion with Mitel PBX systems. We combine the robust features and scaling capabilities of our award-winning SIP Trunking service with Mitel. This enables your business to maximize its communications investment by constructing a feature-rich, more cost-effective communications platform. Integrating our IP voice technology with your Mitel business PBX system is a proven formula for success.

By merging broadband internet along with local and long distance calling onto a single circuit, you’ll be able to save money and enhance your bottom line. Flowroute engineers have developed SIP trunking products and tested them extensively to ensure optimum operability with the top IP PBX systems in the industry. Needless to say, we have worked with Mitel to ensure that company telecom systems function seamlessly, from start to finish, by eliminating all major glitches.

Benefits of Mitel and Flowroute SIP Trunking

By utilizing Flowroute SIP trunking with a Mitel PBX system, you can combine all data traffic and private voice with your local and long distance calling; thereby simplifying your company’s communication network infrastructure. Our SIP trunking products allow businesses to over-subscribe every VoIP trunk that has been connected to a Mitel PBX system. Now your company can purchase a Mitel SIP trunk for the number of calls that you support, instead of purchasing one for every employee.

About Flowroute SIP Trunking

With Mitel SIP trunking, provided by Flowroute, you’ll be supplying your business with the ultimate VoIP technology. Our SIP trunking enables companies to integrate their broadband internet service with local and long distance calling in a single location, combined with a dynamic allocation of bandwidth. This enables you to engage a single contact point for all of your broadband internet needs, as well as your local and long distance calling; while at the same time managing a single network connection. The result – significant cost savings for you.

Flowroute’s SIP trunks help all sizes and types of businesses to maximize the return on their IP PBX infrastructure investments. Now you can keep your existing phone number. Plus, our SIP trunks are totally 911 and e911 compliant. By combining the highest capacity Tier 1 backbones with sophisticated VoIP technology, we are able to offer our clients high-quality SIP and VoIP. Plus, your business benefits from the following:

  • Flexible, secure UC access – certified performance on several different platforms along with the guarantee that all sensitive call signaling and media are encrypted with SRTP and TLS
  • Meeting your continuity objectives – whether it is at the individual phone or trunk level, you have three (3) disaster recovery options (primary, secondary, and tertiary)
  • eliminating subscription fees for BRI’s and PRI’s
  • Unmatched global support – DID’s, ITFS and UIFN’s in a comprehensive portfolio and a SIP infrastructure that includes worldwide points of presence

If you would like more information on Mitel SIP trunking or any of our other VoIP services, we encourage you to contact Flowroute to discuss your needs with one of our specialists today.

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