Outbound Calling

Outbound or Inbound Calling

Understanding the Different Functions of Inbound and Outbound Call Centers

In offline and online business, a call center is usually defined as a centralized facility or office that has been equipped to handle large volumes of customer phone traffic. All communication with existing and new customers is usually handled in this fashion, while the facility itself houses a large number of CSR’s or customer service representatives. Whether it is inbound calling or outbound calling, the customer call center now plays a significant role in most company operations, regardless of their industry niche. However, traditional communication systems back-fire, leading to lost calls and call drops. And that is why VoIP offers a chance to lower costs and get better quality service for call centers.

Types of Call Centers

There are basically three types of call centers. One is the standard blended calling center (a.k.a. customer service center) that most of us are familiar with. Another type facilitates inbound calling while a third type facilitates outbound calling. In many cases, companies will outsource these call centers overseas, to countries whose primary language is not English. Studies have shown that this oftentimes does a company more harm than good. Although there is a great need for in-house call centers, it can be very cost-prohibitive for some smaller companies with little or no budget, for this type of operation.

Flowroute Call Center Services

For companies who prefer not to outsource their customer service call center to a foreign country, Flowroute has some options that may appeal to you. Our call center suite has a number of powerful tools such as:

  • automatic call distribution
  • intelligent routing
  • outbound dialing and voice mail
  • telephone switch functionality

Many companies and organizations have taken advantage of our call center services. This is because we can provide the system, and skilled specialists, that can offer a superior level of service that your customers are deserving of.

Blended Call Center

Our blended call center services can handle your inbound calling, and your outbound calling, by dividing your company’s call center responsibilities between inbound and outbound agents or representatives. This is ideal for those smaller businesses that do not have the personnel required to manage calls on an individual basis. We blend automatic call distribution (ACD) with a computerized system that dials groups of phone numbers, and assigns them to certain agents based on the type of call. This is more commonly known as “predictive dialing.” The predictive dialer is commonly used in most call centers today.

Inbound call center

The Flowroute inbound calling center service will answer all calls coming in from your clients or customers. We can provide your customers with the service and support they expect. Plus, we can set up an internal help desk platform, or take sales orders if that is what you require. We include the following services with our inbound calling center platform:

  • Customer service – includes handling complaints and taking inquiries and/or requests
  • Sales orders – includes order entry and processing, as well as taking sales orders
  • Scheduling – including appointments, registration, and reservations
  • Tech support – either for your clients or customers, or for your business on an internal basis

Outbound Calling Center

Our outbound calling center services will make any and all calls to your clients or customers, unless otherwise restricted. We will contact people on behalf of your company in order to perform a number of different functions, from conducting fund-raisers or surveys, to selling a product or service. Your outbound calling center could be used for a number of different or special tasks including:

  • Account or subscription renewals and upgrades
  • Customer feedback for marketing research and surveys
  • Debt collection
  • Emergency dispatch and messaging
  • Lead Generation and telemarketing
  • Outbound credit card services including fraud protection

Rather than incurring the added expenses of creating an in-house call center, and hiring the necessary employees to operate it, Flowroute can provide all that for you at a fraction of the cost. For more information on blended call centers, inbound calling and outbound calling, please contact us today. Speak with one of our highly experienced and knowledgeable specialists regarding your company’s needs in these areas.


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