Phone Call API

Phone Call API

Power Your Apps and Services with a Voice API

How can businesses benefit from integrating a Phone Call API into their communications solution? Our sophisticated voice API enables businesses to build communications platforms with a broad range of telephony services and solutions. Whether you want to link your back-end architecture to your existing apps, or CRM (customer relationship management) system, our phone number API app can stand up to the challenge every time.

With the Flowroute APIs (Number Management and Messaging API) you also have the capability to extend your communication platform to include:

  • bulk text messaging
  • call tracking
  • virtual call center
  • voice broadcasts

Using a Phone Call API to Improve Your Business

How can you utilize the Flowroute Voice API to grow your company?:

  • Develop automated notification services and link them to their current customer relationship management system
  • Introduce new products and services onto the market automatically using text messaging and voice calling
  • Offer additional simplicity and value for client or customer interfaces
  • Optimize and test your marketing campaign strategy based on success
  • Track the effectiveness of your marketing campaign using phone call recordings

Powering Your Apps and Services

The process of powering your mobile and web apps with a voice API is fairly straightforward: 1st – your app sends an HTTP request to Flowroute; 2nd – we initiate an outbound call; 3rd – the user receives the telephone call. You can use our API to enhance a number of app tasks such as:

  • SMS and MMS – Use the Flowroute Messaging API to reach customers fast.
  • Verification – With SMS and calling technology, you can verify any end-users number quickly and easily.
  • Voice – Users have more ways to connect from app to app, or app to phone, thanks to our powerful SIP Trunking capabilities.

With our phone call API, end-users have anonymous calling capabilities, meaning they can make or receive calls within the application, and not have to share any personal information or phone numbers. We are also able to provide a superior security level, giving you the tools to aggressively prevent fraud. With cost-effective and quality SIP Trunking services, we help integrate calls, data, and videos with ease.

Why Should You Integrate with the Flowroute Voice API?

Here are a few of the top reasons for integrating a phone number API into your communications solution:

  • Adding value – With PSTN origination and termination or VoIP calling, you’ll enhance your communication platform and add value to it.
  • Generate additional revenue – By taking care of all the end-users communication needs, you’ll increase app engagements and generate more revenue.
  • Minimize operating costs – Compared to traditional PSTN voice calling, VoIP enables you to reach users on a global stage for less cost.
  • Privacy and security – End-users can make and receive voice calls and never have to share their personal information or telephone numbers.

Flowroute is the first software-centric carrier to provide a nationwide footprint.  If you would like more information on integrating our phone call API with your existing business communications solution contact one of our specialists today at

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