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If you have recently considered switching your company’s current telephone service to a VoIP platform, then you are ready to implement SIP trunking. It’s important that you find an SIP service provider that is the right fit for your business. For years, Flowroute has been an industry leader in VoIP service and SIP trunking. Our company can provide you with the added functionality of being able to make phone calls globally, including E911 service, and toll-free numbers. Plus, its portability provides you with the ideal solution to facilitate all of your company’s data, IP, and voice needs all in a single, cost-effective package; tailored to your business. We take pride in our customized packages, to ensure that all your communication requirements are met under one roof.

What We Offer

As your SIP provider and partner, we go beyond what many other companies offer their clients, in order to exceed your expectations, while adding value in the process. Once we understand the needs of your business, and what you company is all about, we can easily customize an SIP trunking plan that addresses your needs. With personalized service and excellent standards, please consider what we offer:

  • Bandwidth and service flexibility – A key advantage of our SIP trunking service is the flexibility and ease involved in adding or canceling channels. Flowroute eliminates all the guesswork, so you don’t get confused or frustrated about the number of lines you will need in the future. We offer self-service tools that are easy to understand and use.
  • Compatibility with Your PBX platform – We know how vital voice communications are to any business large or small. Chances are, our specialists are experienced and knowledgeable of your current PBX system, and what you would rather have in the future.
  • Predictable, straightforward pricing – With many SIP providers, you need a college degree to fully comprehend their pricing structure. This isn’t the case with Flowroute pricing. As your SIP service provider, you can be assured that our pricing structure is easy to understand, predictable, and straightforward.
  • Reliable as well as redundant infrastructure – Since your voice communications are vital to your business operations, we can provide SIP trunking options with multiple geo-specific gateways and a Tier 1 network. After all, we were always told never to put all of our eggs in one basket, and you shouldn’t either. So, no matter what the reason, when any one of those data centers fails, you’re not at risk of a service interruption and work stoppage.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, you deserve a SIP trunk installation experience that is completely hassle-free and totally painless. Our SIP service can help you realize the cost-effectiveness, and achieve the flexibility your company needs; without the frustration and stress that is typically involved.

Key Features of Our Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking Services

As your SIP provider, Flowroute can provide the highest quality hosted PBX and SIP trunking services that your company needs, and customize a plan that is tailored to your business operations. The key features of our hosted PBX service include:

  • Full-featured PBX – This includes auto attendant and directory; call holding, parking, and transferring; desk phone with ring mobile; DID (direct inward dialing); do not disturb; and voicemail to e-mail capabilities.
  • Solutions tailored to the needs of your business – Make your phone system more cost-effective and reliable with Flowroute as your SIP provider. We host all of the equipment. All you do is access the features and services you need.
  • Web-based administration – You are in control when it comes to managing those features that your employees have access to. It only takes a mouse click to add new employees or change your preferences.

The key features of our SIP trunking services include:

  • Disaster recovery routing – With automatic detention included, our disaster recovery routing gives you the ability to set failover routes for your DID and toll-free numbers. (NOTE: ideal for call centers, multiple site locations, and single business sites)
  • Emergency services – Flowroute supports 911 and Enhanced 911 (E911) calling wherever it is available. We specialize in multi-site E911 services, as well as remote services.
  • Simple-to-use customer portals – This includes caller ID control, CDR reporting, disaster recovery routing, number ordering, number routing, and real-time billing statements, all of which are accessible and controllable online.


As one of the premier SIP providers in the United States, Flowroute provides intelligent communications that can empower your business. Whether it is VoIP service and SIP trunking or anything related; we have the most comprehensive line of services, which can be tailored to meet the needs of your business operations. For more information on SIP trunking and VoIP services, please contact us today, and speak with one of our company specialists.

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