SIP Trunking Service Providers

Why is Finding the Right SIP Trunking Partner for Your Business So Important?

If you have recently decided to convert your traditional phone system to a VoIP platform, you’re going to need a SIP trunking provider to assist in the conversion. Converting to this type of telecommunications platform gives businesses, like yours, certain advantages over the standard PSTN landline service. Flowroute allows you to choose how you want to scale (up or down) your operations. Plus, our services enable you to make international and long distance calls at a much cheaper rate. But most importantly, your company will be prepared for future expansion and growth; which is first and foremost.

What to Look For

Although this is a win-win solution for your communications issues, both externally and internally, the challenge lies in choosing the right SIP trunk provider. Much of your decision will depend on how well you understand what this entails, and how it will facilitate the needs of your company. While some internet service providers also provide SIP trunking, the opposite is not always the case. In other words, the trunking service may not offer internet connectivity.

The following is a list of the things you should be looking for when trying to choose a provider; especially if you’re a first-time VoIP user and not familiar with SIP trunks:

  • Avoid the aggressive sales pitch or the hard sell – A lot of SIP trunking providers will try and close the deal the first time you interview or meet with them. Needless to say, you should avoid any provider who just tries to sell you, without even listening to your business needs and requirements. When you talk to any of our trunking specialists, it’s going to be a 2-way conversation. If we are going to customize the right VoIP and trunking package for your business, we need to know as much about it as possible.
  • Cost should never be the determining factor – We realize that company budgets are extremely important. But you should realize that you always get what you pay for when it comes to SIP trunk pricing. All SIP service providers know the value of cost-effectiveness. However, when a company continually harps on cost-savings, free calls (international included), reduced call rates, and so on, they are usually missing the point, despite the positives involved. Customer sales and service is not always an exercise in cost-savings; especially if you are expecting a high-quality service that is a considerable improvement over your current one.
  • Find a SIP trunk service provider that speaks to you in plain English – Regardless of your level of understanding, the terms that are used in this industry sound foreign to the average business owner. Many providers will hide behind lengthy acronyms and technical jargon to try and impress you; while you have no clue what they are talking about. Flowroute specialists speak to you in plain English so that you understand every step of the process.
  • It’s all about skilled account management – If you have an ISDN or Integrated Services for Digital Network, the process involved with migrating over to a SIP trunk service should be left in the hands of the professionals. At Flowroute, we have a thorough understanding of the migration process and know the importance of sound planning, as well as the timeframe involved. As your SIP partner, we will provide end-to-end service. In other words, you will stay with you from the time we initiate your project, through the installation and implementation phases, and beyond.
  • Some SIP trunks may not be compatible with your PBX platform – As an industry-leading SIP trunk service provider, Flowroute tests for compatibility and interoperability, before we start recommending any telecommunications package for your business. We will inform you whether or not our systems are compatible with your current hardware, and then make recommendations for the proper course of action. However, don’t be overly concerned; as you very well may not have to invest in a new PBX system that is SIP-enabled.

There should be clarity throughout, even in the finest of details – We provide clarity of all the elements involved in converting your current system over to SIP, so that you understand as much about the process as possible. For instance, we answer all of the following questions:

  • Are payments made on a per-channel basis? How easy will it be to scale down or up?
  • Do you provide any QoS (Quality of Service) guarantees?
  • Is fraud protection included?
  • What type of resilience measures do you offer?
  • Will directory inquiries and emergency call services be supported?

Although this is just a brief list, we will provide you with a well-rounded idea of the services that are included with our SIP trunk’s solutions. In the meantime, feel free to ask your Flowroute representative all the questions you may need answers for. We are always glad to answer your queries, and help you with a custom designed plan for your business. As one of the top SIP trunk providers in the US, we know that it’s all about serving you and facilitating the needs of your business. Hopefully, the information above will be helpful when you sit down to discuss your business with one of our telecommunications specialists. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to speak with a representative.


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