SMS for your Communications Solution


SMS for Communications Solutions

Texting is a powerful and important way for your customers to communicate with you, yet 86% of businesses are not utilizing this critical media. Consumers have embraced the convenience of SMS as a means of interacting with businesses without having their time co-opted by calling or chatting with a contact center. SMS gives businesses a means to proactively engage with customers and impact customer satisfaction in ways other inbound communication methods simply can’t.

Innovate with SMS

There are a number of scenarios in which you can implement messaging into your business to drive your overall customer experience.

  • Contact Center: 

    PC Perfect Enterprise Services added SMS support to their customer success offerings. This enables customers to text support agents with issues they are having, or follow up on a recent support call via text messages to the same number.

  • Appointment Reminders:

    Text messages are revolutionizing the efficiency of doctors offices by allowing automatic notifications to confirm or reschedule appointments. is leading the charge on offering an easy SMS solution to doctors around the country.

  • Health Care:

    The mental health app Centrd knew they needed more than in-app messaging, which relies on all individuals having the app, to create an effective user experience. This lead them to SMS as the key communications solution.

  • Phone Number Masking:

    Typically dating apps struggle to help users connect outside of their applications, Type.Me utilized SMS to conquer this issue.

The Flowroute Advantage

With Flowroute SMS you have access to a wide variety of information and resources to customize your texting solution. Through our Text Messaging API and SDKs in NodeJS, PHP, Ruby on Rails, .NET, and Python you can add SMS to any existing or new application or service. Our Application Containers have created an easy way to integrate specific SMS capabilities such as appointment reminders, SMS proxy and two factor authentication.

Flowroute offers a variety of SMS capabilities such as:

  • Toll-free and long code messaging on any Flowroute DID.
  • Customized routing on all messages through customizable web hooks.
  • Real-time provisioning of numbers through our API.
  • Immediate access to SMS records and statistics through our Manage Portal.

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