IP trunking certified for Cudatel

Flowroute is a certified Barracuda Phone System Preferred Service Provider. Interoperability testing has confirmed that by combining Barracuda and Flowroute you’ll enjoy enterprise-grade reliability and support, feature-rich VoIP services, on-demand capacity, automation tools, and real-time self-serve telephony management. Try Flowroute with Barracuda today.

cudatel logo “You can tell Flowroute was designed by people that really understand telecom.”

Paul, IT Consultant

Flowroute + Barracuda

  • Fully featured
    • Combined with Barracuda’s rich out-of-the-box feature set, Flowroute extended SIP signaling amplifies the functionality of your IP PBX by enabling key productivity features such as Find Me/Follow Me.
  • Cost conscious
    • You only pay for the Flowroute VoIP service you actually use. And because channel capacity is unlimited and scales instantly, you don’t have to pay for extra trunks in anticipation of traffic spikes.

Flowroute features for Barracuda Phone System

  • Intelligent SIP trunking
    • The Flowroute account portal provides account level tools you can use to build customized protection against toll-fraud.
      • X-tag: Add custom labels to your CDRs for faster call tracking and management.
      • P-Asserted-Identity: Customize outbound Caller ID. Private and restricted caller IDs are delivered on inbound toll-free calls.
      • Diversion: Crucial information for call routing, and delivery logic for IVR systems.
  • Centralized management
    • Flowroute’s web-based  Account Manager is intuitive and powerful. Add, drop, and route numbers from anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Provision features and functionality like E911, CNAM lookup, and fraud controls, instantly. Account set up can be completed in under two minutes, and you can be making calls in less than five.
  • Fraud protections
    • Account level fraud protections add an additional layer of security to your network:
      • IP address whitelisting: Stop calls originating from outside your static IPs.
      • Maximum outbound rate: Block intruders from sending calls to high-cost destinations.
      • Destination whitelisting: Only allow calls to a strict list of destinations.

Configuration guide:

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