Telecom API

Telecom API

Telecom API

Not only is the Telecom API market revolutionizing the way we access telecom resources it is giving developers access to customizable calling and messaging resources in a completely new way. With the ability to seamlessly integrate high quality, unified voice and SMS capabilities into applications and services through an API – the speed of innovation is rapidly increasing.

Innovating with Telecom

Traditional telecom carriers are bogged down by regulations and old technology. Fortunately, a new breed of carrier is emerging and putting the power of advanced telecom resources in the hands of developers. Flowroute is one of these carriers. Our telecom APIs are easy to add to any project, application, website or service. The capabilities that our APIs offer do not end there. We offer many advanced tools that enable developers to customize the communications experience.

These tools include:

  • SMS Proxying
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Purchase Phone Numbers
  • Call masking capabilities

Telecom resources for developers

Developers bring a unique set of needs to the table. They are integrating previously unconnected capabilities to problem solve more rapidly than ever before. The Flowroute telecom API is enabling this pace of innovation to continue, without sacrificing quality. Rather than spending time personally building advanced calling and messaging capabilities, our telecom API allows developers to add calling and messaging capabilities into their apps in no time.

High quality communications experiences can change the way individuals interact with you and your app. For instance, the developers of the the mental health app Centrd found that integrating our API allowed them to utilize SMS as a communications tool. Centrd tracks a user’s mental well being and notifies predetermined emergency contacts if their mental health changes. By utilizing the power of our telecom API to send SMS notifications, users of the app do not have to ask their emergency contacts to download the app, or worry that over time they might delete the app.

The future of calling and messaging

The future of telecom is in API’s. Landlines are becoming a thing of the past, while the future involves creating seamless communications experiences that enable calling and nexting to happen on one number through a variety of platforms. Through the use of APIs to gain access to calling and messaging capabilities, companies like Flowroute are enabling this industry to move forward.

Interested in taking the Flowroute Telecom API for a spin? Check out our developer portal.


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