Voice API

Voice API

Build Your Business with Voice Calling API

If you’ve been searching for a way to extend your business phone system’s power, Flowroute provides a powerful voice calling API that can provide you with more flexibility, whether you are in your office or out in the field. IP-based voice calling is one of the more recent technological developments for customer communications. This technology has shown significantly better results in the areas of:

  • Customer experience
  • Customer care
  • Telecommunications
  • Telemarketing

It goes without saying that the voice calling API has revolutionized the advertising and marketing environment. It is driving innovation in ways not previously seen and is outpacing the other contact and communication modes. It has also been shown to be very cost-effective. With seamless communication and no call drops, businesses turn more productive and profits increase.

A Range of Calling Capabilities for Your Business

Whether you need a voice calling api for your desktop or laptop, your mobile phone, or your softphone, our apps can help you maximize the use of your phone system as follows:

  • Desktop apps – All the power of your current phone system can easily be extended to your desktop, laptop or mobile phone. These handy apps are available with a number of plug-ins that will help you increase productivity.
  • Mobile apps – We offer more robust options; meaning that you no longer have to worry about being away from your desk or low quality in app communication. You’ll be able to manage your company communications from just about anywhere using your android or iOS smartphone and add high quality cost effective calling to the applications your are developing.
  • Softphone apps – You have the option of accessing your phone calls quickly and easily from your desktop or laptop. So even if you are out on the field, and on the go, your business will be running whether or not you are there. And you can stay in touch remotely with ease.

How It Works for You

The Flowroute Voice API makes the user experience seamless in many ways:

  • easily call customer support from a mobile site, application or website
  • improved quality of calls for increased clarity and speed
  • Region specific numbers and toll free numbers to meet the needs of every person in your organization

Most importantly, thousands of larger, medium-sized, and even smaller companies now use a voice calling applications in their daily operations. So the demand and potential are there for the company that takes advantage of it.

Benefits of Voice Calling APIs

With a voice calling API, developers have the capability of integrating their platforms with a wide range of Flowroute’s telephony solutions. From linking your mobile application, or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, to an advanced back-end architectures, our API can tackle whatever is thrown at it. Now you can integrate our API with your communications platforms for a number of functions and tasks including:

  • advanced phone capabilities
  • bulk text messaging
  • call tracking
  • virtual call center
  • voice broadcasts

We feature an API which will allow you to reproduce our calling and messaging capabilities within your apps and services. If you want to develop a voice calling app that can generate tens of thousands of telephone calls, by just clicking your mouse, we’ve got you covered there, too. Our team of developers are some of the best in the industry and have ample experience working on apps.

About Our Products

Flowroute offers the most comprehensive line of telecommunications products and services in the industry today. This includes call tracking, Cloud call center, developer voice API, IVR or interactive voice response, text messaging, and voice broadcasting. If you would like more information regarding our automated voice calling solutions, please contact us today and speak with one of our telecommunications specialists.

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