Enterprise SIP Trunking: A Guide to Phone Numbers

Posted on September 20, 2021

In a recent blog post, we outlined how more enterprises are turning to technologies like SIP trunking that offer flexible deployments of voice communications to modernize IT investments and grow. We also shared a brief overview of the key benefits of SIP trunking, including scalability, a local presence, flexibility, improved security, and cost savings.

A large corporation with branches in various cities or countries with teams working across multiple departments is what we often picture when thinking of an enterprise in today’s global economy. SIP trunking helps unify communications. SIP bundles together thousands of telephone lines and runs them via software to provide seamless communication between team members and customers across locations. There are two primary ways enterprises can leverage SIP trunking: (1) origination and (2) termination.

Inbound SIP Trunking/Origination

Call origination, also known as voice origination, refers to collecting calls initiated by a calling party on a telephone exchange of the PSTN and handing off calls to a VoIP endpoint or another exchange or telephone company for completion to a called party. Originating carriers provide the direct inward dialing (DID) and toll-free numbers for SIP trunking.

Flowroute’s inbound SIP trunking provides unlimited concurrent call capacity. With no limitations or restrictions, you can say goodbye to capacity planning. Instead, new instances are dynamically created to help you scale your voice services as your volume increases.

Outbound SIP Trunking/Termination

Call termination, or voice termination, is a telephony service of a telecommunication carrier that completes the telephone calls originated by a customer (the calling party) to the intended destination (the called party). Flowroute delivers outbound call audio over the shortest path possible to increase call quality and lower call costs locally and internationally.

Flowroute customers can rely on clear and high-quality connections with Flowroute’s cloud-optimized communications services. In addition, we offer a handful of phone numbers enterprises can use to power their SIP trunking.

Toll-free Numbers

Toll-free numbers play a central role in connecting customers to support representatives. For example, businesses can use toll-free numbers for contact centers. When a customer calls the number, the call is directed to the appropriate representative to address the issue. With potentially high volumes of calls, a toll-free number offers a simple solution for customers to contact the business with the assurance that the company will answer their call. Moreover, callers can make calls via toll-free numbers from landlines without charging the person placing the call. Toll-free numbers also allow callers to reach businesses out of their calling area without incurring long-distance fees.

Further, toll-free numbers often have a distinctive three-digit code at the beginning (i.e., 800, 888, etc.). Flowroute offers a large selection of toll-free inbound numbers in more than 160 countries across the globe. In addition, our toll-free cloud numbers provide businesses with cost savings and the ability to quickly scale communication offerings up or down.

Local Numbers

Local numbers are an excellent tool for businesses because of the crucial role they play in building trust with customers. Typically, customers feel more comfortable answering a call from a company that has a local phone number. On the other hand, they may feel more comfortable calling a business if it has a local number listed online. One use case for local numbers is an enterprise that places frequent long-distance or out-of-state calls. For example, a pest control company that has employees selling across state lines. This company can establish local numbers in their primary service regions, resulting in cost savings and boosting sales.

Flowroute’s local numbers help businesses expand into new markets while establishing a local presence, even if their offices are based elsewhere. Flowroute customers can select local telephone numbers by area code in any location across 112 countries.

Vanity Numbers

Enterprises looking to boost brand awareness, lead generation, and brand reputation can opt for vanity numbers. A vanity number is an alpha-numeric number that spells out a word or features a memorable set of numbers. For example, you may recognize vanity numbers such as 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-800-CONTACTS. Given that these numbers are easy to recognize and remember, they can positively impact marketing and sales initiatives. Flowroute has a large inventory of vanity phone numbers that customers can integrate into their enterprise communications strategies.

SIP trunking offers a compelling way for enterprises to leverage their data-driven IP connectivity for voice communications. As a result, enterprises can reduce latency, connect disparate teams, consolidate spending and boost call quality and capacity.

Learn more about how Flowroute can support your enterprise SIP trunking needs https://flowroute.wpengine.com/voice/.

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