Flowroute Customer Review Spotlight

Posted on October 4, 2021

Customer preferences are changing, and solutions that offer immediacy, accessibility and customization are highly valued. Not only can these capabilities improve user experience, but they can also influence brand loyalty. Further, customers want options when it comes to contacting businesses and receiving support. Therefore, it is important for a company’s customer service model to evolve alongside customers’ changing preferences and modern communication technologies.

Cloud-based telecom tools can play an essential role in enabling businesses to deliver high-quality customer experiences. For example, a company’s support team can access intelligence shared through telecom APIs that produce call detail records (CDRs) in order to better understand and meet customer needs. With access to real-time insights via the CDR, support representatives gain visibility into past interactions and preferences so they can customize the experience to the specific caller without the caller having to repeat themselves.

With cloud communication tools, businesses can also seamlessly scale offerings up or down as their needs evolve. In addition, companies gain convenient access to account management tools that let them easily adjust communications tools. Convenience is key to ensure customer retention, as evidenced by consumers preferring self-service and online account management options over direct phone calls for high-level questions. Hosted communications solutions are key in meeting customer demands and elevating the customer experience.

At Flowroute, We Practice What We Preach

As a 100% cloud-based carrier, Flowroute delivers the solutions customers want – and we do so with a devotion to customer service.

Flowroute’s award-winning customer support team has been named a leading SIP trunking provider in customer satisfaction for three years. The support team is highly qualified and has robust technical expertise to support customers. Flowroute is also dedicated to meeting customers where they are by providing multiple avenues of communication. Flowroute offers a self-service portal, and the support team is available 24/7 in the event of an emergency production issue.

Flowroute’s +59 Net Promoter Score (NPS) is also a reflection of its robust customer service model and responsiveness of the customer support team. For background, NPS is a customer experience metric that measures how a company is perceived by its customers. This metric assesses customer loyalty and is calculated with a single-question survey, “How likely is it that you would recommend the company to a friend or colleague?” When Flowroute customers take the NPS survey, the customer success team reviews and replies to every rating – regardless of the score. Flowroute’s team uses the responses and findings from its investigation to guide how we can improve products, services and support moving forward. We actively integrate feedback to improve experiences for all customers.

We’re grateful that our customers take the time to review and provide feedback to Flowroute’s customer service. Our team relies on two platforms to understand our customers’ perspectives: Capterra and G2.

For background, Capterra is a free online marketplace vendor that serves as an intermediary between buyers and technology vendors in the software industry. The company assists consumers with selecting software for their needs with user reviews and research. G2 is a peer-to-peer review site, which focuses on aggregating user reviews for business software.

Outlined below is a sampling of reviews on Capterra and G2 from Flowroute customers of various sizes and from different industries. Keep reading to see what they have to say about Flowroute’s customer support, high-quality solutions, and reliability.

  1. Michael E., president at an IT and services company with 11-50 employees, used Flowroute for more than two years and gave the software five stars. According to Michael, Flowroute’s support team, “gives me confidence and allows me to focus on running my business. Having a great partner is not optional if success is your goal, and Flowroute delivers.”
  2. Kevin R., a director at a computer software company with 201-500 employees, also used Flowroute’s software for more than two years and rated it with five stars. Kevin shared that Flowroute has a “wonderful support team” available to help him and his team members.
  3. Tahor G., an associate in commercial real estate with 201-500 employees, rated Flowroute five stars after using the software for less than a year. Of his experience with Flowroute, Tahor said, “anytime I run into issues, the support team reports back on my tickets. Overall, I’ve had little downtime with them.”
  4. An administrator in financial services at a small business of 50 or fewer employees gave Flowroute a 4+ star review. Of their experience with Flowroute, this customer said Flowroute delivered, “fast support, friendly staff [and] excellent uptime!” Moreover, this customer “would highly recommend Flowroute!”
  5. Brant M., a client services manager at a mid-size company, gave Flowroute five stars, calling the company a “reliable, stable, economical SIP trunk provider.”
  6. An executive sponsor in IT and services at a small company praised Flowroute for its “excellent and reliable services and support.”

The customer reviews outlined above rate Flowroute 4-5 stars. Customers cite Flowroute’s strong customer service, reliability, uptime and speedy issue resolution. We value our customers’ honest and raw feedback. We can’t improve unless we learn about areas of growth that are needed. Flowroute has been helping companies create meaningful and real-time, communication experiences by leveraging all the advantages the cloud has to offer and helping pass those benefits down to customers. We are thankful for each of our customers and will continue to improve all aspects of our service to their benefit.

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